Saturday, 5 July 2008

4th of July Pics!

These first pics are actually from the 3rd of July, but I had to show Taylor eating her toes! I'm not sure what she was watching, but up come the toes into her mouth.

What are you doing Taylor??
And on to the 4th! I'm pretty disappointed with the way most of these came out, at least the night ones. I was having a hard time focusing in the dark with my hands full or in a hurry (can we say shortest sparklers EVER???) but you get the point!

Here's Taylor with her friend Delaney! It was pretty warm out so Delaney was swimming in her pool, and Taylor was sweating so I was dabbing her head with cool water. We eventually went inside to cool off until dinner.
Our neighbor Steve, Drew and Alan hanging out in front of the grill.

Drew's arsenal of fireworks, he was pretty excited about them all week and couldn't wait to light them!

Alan holding Taylor while Drew was getting set up.
Our wonderful neighbors, (from left to right) Delaney, Betty and Steve!
Drew unwrapping his explosives.

Betty showing Taylor how to write her name with a sparkler (don't worry, we didn't get too close!).

Drew, finally read to start the show.
Yay, fireworks!!!!!

That's about all I got, it took two hands to make ear muffs for Taylor so it wasn't too loud for her. The first ones scared her pretty bad, but after that she was okay and she definitely liked the lights. Even the dogs were out with us and behaving for the most part considering all of the booms, bangs and noises. We had a really great time with our neighbors and really had fun with the fireworks!

Hope everyone else had a great 4th as well!!

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