Monday, 21 July 2008

Back from New Orleans!

Well, we're back safe and sound! Going to N.O. was definitely a learning experience, but we had fun! We went down to Lafayette on Friday night and stayed in a hotel. Taylor would NOT sleep, so her and I only got a total of about 3 hours by the time we had to get up.

So Saturday morning we got up and met my friend Jess then got on the road. We stopped for breakfast at The Waffle House, then continued on to New Orleans. We started off at the zoo which was pretty cool! Taylor got to pet some goats, and look at an elephant and some big cats. About half way through the zoo, it started pouring! So we were stuck hanging out in a gift shop waiting for it to let up. We finally decided to make a run for it and figured we'd just skip the rest and go to the aquarium. Alan braved the rain before we did since he wanted to see some Monkeys. He took the map and Jess, Taylor and I got lost. We ended up running through the rain, where I dropped my phone in a huge deep puddle (Louisiana's water and the White family don't get along so well). Jess saved it though and it still works for the most part. It randomly shuts off, but only once a day or so.

We finally made it to the zoo exit and waited for Alan. We then decided to head over to the Aquarium. We drove around and then took the ferry across the river to the French Quarter. We finally got a parking spot, and then walked to the aquarium which was closing an hour later! I mean seriously.. closing a tourist attraction at 5pm on a Saturday in a hoppin' spot like New Orleans?? Craziness. We decided to forgo spending $18 to rush through the place in an hour, maybe next time!

After that we headed down deeper in to the F.Q. We were told we had to eat at a place called Cafe Du Monde and we were STARVING so off we went. Little did we know that they only serve drinks and DONUTS there. So we ordered our drinks, and a serving of beignets to share. I didn't have a place to nurse Taylor and she was getting hungry so while we were waiting I fed her some prunes and gave her some water to keep her hydrated until we got to a place to actually have dinner. I was giving her water from a glass and the waiter came by and gave me a little straw for her. I was kind of giggling because she's so little it never crossed my mind to give her a straw and didn't think she would know how to use it. But wouldn't you know it.... it took her abuot 30 seconds and she started sucking up water through her straw like a champ! That'll teach me for not thinking she could do it. Bad Mommy!

So our donuts we headed across the street to go eat some food. Boy everythign we had was fried, but it was good. Alan and I had po boy's and Jess had a Muffalata. Her's looked the best, but ours was still good. We then walked down Bourbon Street just to do it, it was very loud, and Taylor slept through it all! Amazing. Why can't she sleep like that at home? We started walking back to teh car since it was after 7 and we still had a 5 hour drive ahead of us. There was a store with Candy apples in it that looked delicious, so we stopped in. We all got Candy/Caramel apples and got one for Drew as well. I got a couple of pralines since I had read they were definitely something to try in N.O. They were great, but very sweet.

We got in the car and drove home, Taylor was so tired from her lack of sleep the night before that she slept all the way home! We didn't get home until a little after 2 am, and when we got inside, Cossie came out to say hi and the poor baby was covered in hives! I guess he had them all day, possibly got bit or stung by something. So I got Taylor back to sleep and then ran to the store to get some Benadryl for him and loaded him up. Yesterday he still had hives so when I got up this morning I called to schedule him an appointment, but by the early afternoon he was clearing up, so I canceled it and am going to continue to give him benadryl until he's back to normal.

Taylor on the other hand, had a funny looking rash on her bum taht was not diaper rash. It was in a circle shape and looked to me just like ringworm. I'm not sure how she would have gotten it on her bum which is mostly covered so I called and scheduled her an appointment too. Ironically.. it takes a month to get a well baby appointment, but a butt rash netted me an offer of 4 appointments to choose from today! How does that work??? Oh, and they wont just do her well baby while I'm there, I still have to bring her back for that.

Anyway, the doctor doesn't think it's ringworm, she thinks it's a dermatitis or exzema that is in a circular shape. So we got some creme for it and headed back home. We'll see how it is tomorrow! I also scheduled my appointments for physical and occupational therapy this week. One is Wednesday morning and one is Thursday morning, so it will be a busy week. Alan goes back to CA tomorrow, Drew has the day off so we're going to drive to Dallas and take the dogs with us as a pre-CA trip trial. That reminds me, I have the dates for our trip, and I think I have s cheudle worked out, so I'll make the calendar and e-mail everybody and get everything cleared to see if it's going to work for you.

Wednesday is our Anniversary but since Drew is taking Tuesday off and we'll probably be back kind of late we're not going to celebrate until Saturday. Betty, our neighbor, is going to babysit Taylor for us so we can go to a movie and to dinner. We're both looking forward to it!

So I just wanted to give an update, I do have pictures and I'll get them off the camera as soon as I can. I might just take the laptop with me in the car tomorrow and work on them while we drive to Dallas. At least as long as the battery lasts!

Off for now!

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