Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Taylor!

Hard to believe a year ago today, right about now, I was getting my water broken and our lives were about to change! For the better of course!

This first year of Taylor's life has been full of excitement, new learning experiences, frustration, happiness, confusion, and of course, lots of LOVE! Who knew that this little person could cause so many emotions!

As I sit here and watch her eat her Birthday breakfast smorgasborg of eggs, organic mini waffles, mushrooms, cheese, and cut up grapes I think how far she has come in 1 short year. From learning how to smile, how to hold up her head, how to grab things, roll over, sit up, talk (I never get tired of hearing meow meow meow all day long), stand, wave, and the most recent development, walking! Not to mention this blooming personality, full of smiles, and giggles, and of course... demands.

She makes every day brighter for us, and now that we've had her around a while, we can't imagine life without her. She is the light of our lives, our little princess!!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

The plan for today... fun! It's suppose to be a beautiful day, so after morning nap and meal, we're going to head over to a little park so Taylor can swing, and she can play and perhaps go for another wagon walk. She loves her wagon! I'm not sure when we'll do cake and presents, but we'll make sure to get it in there (with lots of pics!). I baked her a giant cupcake cake and decorated it with ladybugs! I hope she likes it!

I'll be sure to update again later with pictures from the day!


Amity said...

I cant believe shes a year old aready! Time goes by so fast, shes such an adorable little girl too! Happy Birthday Taylor!

{Sarah Coyle} said...

Yeah Taylor!! Happy birthday big girl!!