Wednesday, 14 January 2009

We're still alive!

Just wanted to make a quick post and let everybody know we're still here and kickin'. Drew has been working 12's for an exercise at work, so in order for him to get some sleep I try and take off during the day with Taylor so it's quiet and haven't had much computer time sans baby (oi, I mean TODDLER) to post updates and work on pictures.

She had a rough night last night, either her teeth were bothering her or she was having nightmares because she kept waking up crying every 20-30 minutes after midnight looking for me. As long as I was in the room she would go back to sleep but if I wasn't there she would stand up and sob until I came in. So I spent most of the night uncomfortably sleeping on the floor in her room. I gave her a bit of Tylenol tonight to see if that helps. I hope so! I need some good solid sleep in my BED!

Thankfully Drew (who had only been sleeping for an hour when Taylor woke up) got back up to let me get a couple hours of shut eye and then we switched and I left so he could sleep. That said, I'm off to bed now at 8:15 to try and make up for some of this lost sleep! Fingers crossed that she has a better night!

I will update when I can, I think Drew's 12 hour shifts end on Friday, oh and in case I forgot to mention it, my first OB appointment is on the 21st (next Wednesday) at 10:45, so hopefully we will get a solid due date and get to hear baby bean's heartbeat!

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Jennifer Magreevy said...

BTW: interesting how both Barksdale and Tinker have exercises the same period! Jason doesn't have to work 12's this time...but he'll be having that wonderful experience for THREE weeks in March. Yay. :-)