Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Finally Catching Up

Well, things have been busy around this household! We've joined a playgroup, started music class, have obedience class for Holden, Drew is starting 12's again on Thursday, and I've been picky and hungry all at the same time!

So Taylor's music class started this morning and it's fantastic! She is still really shy around other kids, but I think she'll open up as the class goes by (it's 10 weeks long). We do a lot of basic music exercises, sing songs, a lot of movement and learning! I was very impressed with it and I think Taylor likes it a lot too even if she was slow to open up. She finally let go of my leg in the last 10 minutes of class to run to "workin' on the railroad". I can't wait until next week!

Playgroup last week was also fun, we met at a park and the weather was beautiful! Taylor went on the swing for the first time (the park by our house doesn't have a swing) and she thought it was a lot of fun. She also went down a slide a few times, but spent most of the time glued to my leg again. She did walk around a bit, but when she fell she didn't like getting the dry grass on her hands. She just held her hands and looked at me like she was disgusted with dirt. I hope she gets over that!

Here's some pics from the park:

Here is a couple from last play group at Jumpin' Jupiter!

Here's a couple from around the house. This is Taylor in her outfit she got from our neighbor in England (they are in Oklahoma now and had a baby boy in October).

Here she is walking, walking, walking! Seems to be her favorite thing to do these days. I love her little jeans!

I have more pictures that I took this weekend, but it's already after 11 and I have to get up early tomorrow. We're doing a mall walk in the morning, and a playgroup at ChuckECheese right after!

I'll work on them a bit tomorrow as it's Drew's starts 12's on Thursday and I don't know when I'll have time to do it until he's done. Oh, I need to scan baby bean pics when he's home and Taylor is awake also!

Hope everyone is doing well!!



Jennifer Magreevy said...

Damn I have good taste. :-) That outfit looks so cute on her! Ironically, Cameron was wearing the one you got him today! :-)

{Sarah Coyle} said...

wow so cute! I am glad you had fun with all your classes! You are so darn busy!! Great pics!!