Sunday, 4 January 2009

Tons of Birthday Pics, just for YOU!

I sat here and diligently processed all of Taylors Birthday Pics so I could get them up tonight to share! She refused to take her morning nap, so her afternoon nap was early and she went to bed by 7. She was cranky much of the day (except the first few hours in the morning, and a couple of hours after her afternoon nap) but otherwise, she had a great Birthday!!!

We went to the park, but we didn't get to spend too much time there because it got chilly and started to sprinkle, and Taylor was wearing a dress, and I was wearing short sleeves!

She Looooooved the slide!

After her nap, she had her Birthday lunch.. I can never get enough of her blue eyes..

Then I told her she was going to get a WHOLE cake to herself.. she said "say wuuuut???"

But first she opened presents so she could go straight to the bath after cake.

What's this from Uncle Jeff, Aunty Marnie, and Cousin Hannah??

Super cute clothes, and look.. a CARD! I can read it!

A coloring book and crayons for moi?This wrapping paper is nice, lets see what's inside it!

Look, it's a doll from Grams, and here is her nose!

And a new book too, yay! (She calls book a Buh)
The very start of my own LITTLE PEOPLE world from Mama and Dada!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!! (Think she wants that cake??)

She wastes no time digging right in.
The whole thing for me thanks!

Nom Nom Nom!

Some goes here too.
Who is YOUR makeup artist???
Want some??
Dada can help too.

That was GOOOOD! I like this Birthday thing!
After cake she got all cleaned up and played with her toys a while, and colored in her book. I was very impressed that she didn't try to eat the crayons TOO much (except for the red one... they say red is an appetite stimulant you know). She colored 5 or 6 pages and only tore one out. Good girl!

All in all, I tink she had a great day, and we enjoyed it too!! I have some 1 year portraits planned that I'm going to do this week, so keep your eyes peeled!


Jennifer Magreevy said...

OMG, those pics of her with the cake are hysterical. And I'm so glad you got her Little People, I can't wait until Cameron is old enough for those. Mommy wants to play with fun toys too! :-)

{Sarah Coyle} said...

what a fantastic day!! Great pics and great gifts Taylor!! Alex loves all his Little People so I know you will too!!

Jen, it is great to "see" you again!!

Maureen said...

love the one with the frosting over her eye - too cute.

Tams said...

What a beautiful 1 yr old! :) Looks like she had a great day!

Natalie said...

How adorable! The pictures are amazing! What a sweetheart!

Betty said...

As you I can't have enought of her blue eyes, she is beautiful!!!
Love her cake, it look huge!
Did you bake it? How did you make it?