Thursday, 8 January 2009

Taylor's Appointment

Taylor's 12 month appointment was on Monday, and everything went great. She is still tiny at 18 lbs 1 oz (10th percentile), 28" (25th percentile) and head circumference of 45 cm (75th percentile). She has been on the same curve so the doctor says she's growing fine, just petite. We had to get her a few vaccines, and have her finger poked to make sure she wasn't anemic (it hurts to turn 1!). The doc did say she says a lot of words for her age! She was asking me if she said mama and dada, so I started telling her what all she says and she was very impressed!

She's also walking pretty good now, she can go most of the way across the living room, and she takes off running with her little activity walker! She's also really good at putting shapes together. She's our smart cookie!

We had somewhat last minute company come yesterday. A friend from CA has stopped in for a couple of days. He will leave tomorrow, but it's been nice having a friend around. Drew took us today to check out a B-52 up close and personal. That was pretty neat. We couldn't climb up inside, but we could take a peek, and walk around the outside and check out the (empty) bomb bay thing. It was nice to see a little bit of what he does. He's a smart cookie too!

Tomorrow he is starting an exercise where he works 12 hour shifts from 6pm to 6am all the way through next week (including teh weekend, ugh!) so we wont be seeing too much of him. Luckily he had today off so he has a nice day to prepare for everything.

On the pregnancy front, I'm feeling pretty good. I get a little wave of nausea here and there, and well, pregnancy brain is in full force. Compounded with Mommy brain, I'm surprised I remember my name half the time. Does it ever get better? I'm still pretty tired a lot of time, but having Taylor around keeps me busy and awake!

That's my quick update for the evening! Once company leaves I have some more pictures that I took, I'll get those processed, but I didn't want to be rude and hide away in the back room processing.

Love you all!

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