Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Go Elmo!

Now that everybody is feeling up to par we're back to our busy busy schedule!

Drew worked through th weekend from 7pm to 7am. Sunday I did a photo shoot, it didn't go so great. We'll see how they like them I guess!

Monday we took the new car in to get it's windows tinted. The interior is black so we don't want the sun to damage it as well as protect the kiddo's eyes when they ride in the back. Not to mention the fact that it looks WAY better!

When we picked it up they had put a hideous sticker (basically an advertisement) between the tint and the glass on the drives side window so we couldn't pull it off is we wanted to, and it was quite annoying. Not to mention they didn't bother telling us they were going to put it there. I did some research to make sure it wasn't required by law and then called them and asked nicely if they could please remove it. He gave me a bit of a hard time, but I stood my ground. We took it back this morning and they fixed it. I made Drew go in this time since I had a feeling it had something to do with me being female and he was totally cool about it. Go figure!! Everything is all better now though!

Yesterday we went to music class and only one other kid was there (plus two of the teachers kids). So Taylor was a bit more active than usual. All of the kids intimidate her I think so she has a hard time coming out of her shell. She did run around a little and danced and played the instruments. She's very good at picking things up and putting them away!

After music class we went to Weight Watchers to visit everybody! Betty our neighbor and another friend Jen was there so we sat with them during the meeting. I can't weigh in or anything, but I can still sneak in once a month to visit, so that's fun. After we went to Subway for lunch and Taylor was being a total crackup. She was actually talking, giving big grins, and doing her normal antics in PUBLIC. She's usually so quiet in front of other people.

After lunch we ran to petco to get dog food. Came home and I started dinner. We switched off and Drew watched Taylor (and took her to the neighbors when he had to go to work) while I took Holden to dog class.

Dog class went rather well. He seems to be a little less distracted after his neuter, though it will take a while for all those hormones to leave his body. I don't know if I mentioned, but we had been segregated from class because there was an incident that appeared like he was being aggressive with a hyper active male dog. There was a biting incident from a different Great Dane (older unneutered male) in the second class so the instructor wanted to be safe by keeping us separate. It's quite embarrasing, but I understand the caution. We're hoping next week to start introducing him to other dogs to see how he does. Personally I think it was all a big misunderstanding. He was rude when he ran up to the other dog who was facing away, and the other dog (understandably) turned around and growled at him and Holden's hackles went up which is where the instructor came in. Immediately there was a reaction and we were separated and I think it has Holden (and me!) on edge. When hyperactive dogs come by I automatically tense up and I think he can sense that. Well, we'll see how it goes I guess!

This morning we went to take the car back in, then Taylor and I met my friend Sara, and her daughter Caden and we went to go see Elmo Live! It was so much fun! I have a few little pictures but it was kind of hard to get some good ones. We were in the second row so all of the carachters were really close! The Count even came up and touched Taylor (and Caden) and she thought that was way cool. She was dancing and clapping, and watching everything. It was a 90 minute show with a 15 minute intermission, I couldn't believe she was so well behaved during the whole thing! Of course she was asleep within about a minute of getting in the car and she was OUT. We had lunch afterwards and she never even woke up with me carrying her around and laying her down in a booth. That's NEVER happened. Anyway, here's some pics! It was kind of hard to get a lot of pictures because she had to stay in my lap the whole time.

Taylor (giving her grumpy face), Caden, and I

Taylor sucking her thumb and eyeballing something Caden has.

A little video of one of the dancing scenes.

Disney on Ice is coming at the end of April, I think I'll look into taking her there also!

When we got home Taylor ate, then took another little nap. I started Dinner, and Drew watched Taylor while I took Holden to get his staples out from his surgery. Drew is at work again, but at least they are working 6 hour shifts instead of 12!

Tomorrow we have playgroup at Chuck E Cheese, and I think Friday we finally have a day with NO PLANS, yeah!! I have another photo shoot Sunday, but that's my last one for a while!

On the Baby Bean front, I think I've been feeling some flutters here and there on occassion! Otherwise nothing too exciting. I know I havent' taken any pics yet, I need to do that before I get too much further a long. That will be a task for this weekend! I'm not really showing yet, but my gut is definitely beginning to spill over my pants a smidgen!

So, that's about it for now! Hope all is well with everyone.

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{Sarah Coyle} said...

wow you are a busy gal!!

great pics!!! she is so cute!