Monday, 16 February 2009

On the mend and a car

Everyone is finally starting to feel better in this house!

Taylor started eating well again Saturday, she still had the big D for a couple of days, but it seems to be all cleared up now. Of course now we are fighting the sleeping on her own thing after her being sick. She got used to falling asleep in our arms and put up a fight for us last night. We won! Well, sort of. It still took over an hour for her to go to sleep herself, haha.

Yesterday I got some ME time and did a little bit of stamping (that was nice!), Drew hung out with Taylor and cleaned up the garage a bit. We need to get rid of a few things before we can park two cars in the garage again. I'm thinking it's time for a garage sale soon!

Today we went car shopping. We pretty much knew what we were after but wanted to check out some other options as well and test drive to see how we felt. In the end we went with what we had planned on. It fit all of Drew's specific requirements and my two (room for kids, and preferably a sunroof, lol).

So we welcome to our household a 2008 Pontiac G6 V6! It has 18K miles on it, and we ended up with an excellent price. We compared some of the older models and found that the value leveled off dramatically after the first year, it was only a slight difference in price between 2006 and 2008 and we opted for one with low miles and still under the warranty. It was originally sold in March 08 and it has a 3yr/36K bumper to bumper, and a 5yr/100k powertrain warranty. As long as GM doesn't go out of business, eh??? We drove both the 4cyl and V6, and felt the V6 was more sturdy and had better power (obviously). The gas mileage was negligble (only about 3mpg difference). We are okay in LA, but who knows where we could get stationed at next. We intend on keeping this car as long as it will last (kind of like the zx2!) so we wanted one that was going to be sufficient no matter where we lived.

Most importantly, it accommodates Drew's loooong legs, and two rear facing car seats! We are hoping that by the time the peanut is born, Taylor will have hit 20 pounds and can forward face, but we'll see. If not, at least we know they will both fit!

As long as the Zx2 is running (which it's torn apart at the moment getting new tie rods) we are going to each drive a car to save on gas mileage and give the Trailblazer a break. It's been driven hard this year and needs a well deserved break!

Here's some pics of our new wheels:

This cool drivers info center in the dash tells us temp, time, and radio, as long as how many MPG we are currently getting (keep drew from having a lead foot, just kidding!). It also tells us the tire pressure in all 4 tires and other tidbits of info about the car.

That was our excitement for the weekend!

I'm off to give Drew a haircut while Taylor is taking a nap. Not sure what his schedule will look like this week....we shall see!

Love to you all!!


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{Sarah Coyle} said...

glad everyone is feeling better!!

great car!!