Friday, 13 February 2009

Rough week, and baby bean pics

I finally managed to escape into the back room and scan the baby bean pics, so first thing is first!! Of course these are from about 3.5 weeks ago so the peanut is much bigger now!

Profile view.

Bum to the right, head to the left. Looks like this bean is going to have chubby cheeks like his/her sister!

On the sickie front. Taylor is finally feeling better today. She vomited up through last night. I took her to urgent care because I was worried about her hydration and they pretty much said "yes, she looks a little dehydrated. Go home and keep giving her fluids". Thanks. Really. Like that's what I haven't been doing this whole time! Sheesh.

We had a rough night last night. She was wanting me to snuggle with her and I was SOO tired and not feeling well so I was lying in bed with her. Holden wouldn't stop whining and crying and he usually lays on his bed quietly so I let him out of his kennel and he came in the bedroom and got on his bed. About 2AM I hear this horrendous noise FLY out of bed and see Holden hitting the door, Taylor is screaming because it scared her, Drew comes running in and turns on the light and there is blood EVERYWHERE. Apparantly Holden was trying to move and his e-collar (the big plastic cone to keep him from licking his stitches) hit a box on the dresser and fell on him which scared him. We aren't sure if he was bleeding before or after the incident, but there were quite a few spots all over so we think both. He was most definitely actively bleeding at the time though.

So, Drew is trying to clean up, I'm trying to calm Taylor down who then starts vomiting all over, Holden was standing there bleeding all over the carpet and terrified to move with his collar on. It was like a nightmare, only nobody was sleeping. We get Taylor cleaned up, Drew and I switch so I can try and get a pressure wrap on Holden. Of course he is so deep chested it wont stay on so I slow it down as much as possible then we put him back in his kennel to lay down. At least he wasn't crying this time around.

We got cleaned up as much as possible (definitely work for the steam cleaner) and Drew goes back out in the living room and I lay back down with Taylor (I'm feeling pretty sick myself at this point). Sometime in the next hour I wake up and swear I see Taylor falling off the bed so I freak out and scream and dive half way off the bed to catch her. She was still passed out (well until I yelled) right in the middle where she had been for the past couple of hours. Drew came running back in and my heart was pounding and I was shaking like crazy so I had him take her and get her back to sleep to go in her crib. Luckily she went back down fairly easy.

This morning Taylor woke up a little before 6 and I got up with her. I still wasn't feeling well and she was still acting tired so we layed on the couch and dozed on and off for a bit. About 8 she started whining and crying and I could barely see straight. Drew got up and took over so I could get a bit more sleep. I was afraid to get off the couch because I was so nauseous so I rolled over and passed back out. I guess Drew fed her breakfast and they both went back to bed as well until he had to go to work about 10.

Before he left he took Holden out potty and gave him his pain meds and breakfast and the poor dog was still bleeding pretty bad (a good drip every few seconds). He went back in his kennel but didn't lay back down for over an hour. Just sat there panting (a sign of pain).

He brought her out to me and we continued to nap on/off until 11:15 and got up and she had lunch. I was feeling a little better by this point. Called the vet to let her know Holden wasn't doing so well and she had us bring him back in. Taylor and I got dressed, loaded Holden up and went back to the vet.

She thinks he might have a clotting problem, however we decided just to treat the symptoms, keep a pressure wrap on him for the week instead of testing for it. Hopefully he won't need another surgery again and if he does at some point, I'll have him tested before it's done. We also switched his pain meds since the ones he was on can also aggrivate clotting issues.

We got back home and Taylor was tired so we put on some cartoons and she fell asleep in about 20 minutes in my lap. I put her in her crib and I fell asleep for a nap as well. Drew got home and when Taylor woke up we had dinner, she got her bath and went to bed. So she finally had a day with no vomiting, lets hope tonight goes better than last!!

No plans for the weekend I don't think. Drew has to go back working 12's Monday so he's going to relax and I'm going to try and steal a day (or at least a few hours) to escape for some me time as well.

SO glad it's Friday!!!!!

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Jennifer Magreevy said...

Sorry your week has been so chaotic, Jen! Hope things start heading in the right direction soon...