Sunday, 8 February 2009


Yes, yes, we're all alive and well. Things have been busy around this house, one thing after another it seems. Drew's crazy shifts are over, for the week at least. They are suppose to start back up soon.

A few highlights of the last week and a half.

Taylor's music class was on Tuesday. She did much better this time! She played with the music blocks and even ran around a little bit. She danced and put things away when she was suppose to. She even refused to hold my hand at one point when we were all walking in a circle, so she got to stand in the middle while we all walked around her. She thought that was great fun. We're looking forward to class this week!

Tuesday night I took Holden to dog class. It went well, we switched to using the head collar on him because I feel like I have better control over him. Speaking of which, he's scheduled to get Neutered and his stomach tacked (to prevent what happened to Cossie) on Wednesday. He's been a bit on the dominant side lately so we figured it was about time. Cossie is tired of getting humped I think.

Wednesday Taylor and I went Stroller Skating at the rink with play group! It was a trial thing that the skating rink did with us to see how it went. There was a great turn out and the rink owners were pleased so I think it will be a more regular thing. I hadn't been on roller skates in AGES! It took me a little bit to get the hang of it again, but it came back to me. It helped to have a stroller to get me balanced. Nice little bit of exercise too.

Here's a few pics and a couple of videos for you! She's getting really getting good at walking!

Thursday I had to go to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning so Drew met me there to keep an eye on Taylor. After waiting half an hour to get called back I went in and when she went to take x-rays I told her I was pregnant and she said she couldn't do ANYTHING. Not even the cleaning until I'm out of my first trimesters and even then I need to get an okay from the doctor. Sheesh! I wish I would have known that before I went in. It didn't dawn on me to say anything before since I thought it would only effect the x-ray portion. Oh well. I have another appointment for the beginning of March.

Friday we went to Dallas to go to a few places that we don't have around here. We stopped at Ikea, The Container Store, and a big fish store to check out their fish! Taylor was in a horrible mood almost all day and it made things kind of rough, but we survived the day!

Saturday I had some clients come for pictures. It went okay I guess. The kiddo was pretty sleepy and not wanting to smile much, but i think we got a few keepers in the end. Hopefully the parents are pleased.

Today we took it easy for the most part. We're both pretty tired after a crazy week. We did stop and go to the NW Louisiana Home and Landscaping show and picked up a few cards and some pamphlets for ideas. They had some REALLY good cinnamon roasted pecans there. Yum.

Tomorrow Taylor and I meet one of our friends for a walk, Tuesday back to music class and dog class. Wednesday we'll take Holden to get the chop chop and I'm watching my friends kids while she takes one of them to a hockey game (her hubby is gone so she has her hands full) We'll see what the rest of the week holds!

Sometime this week Taylors started saying "baby" so every time she sees a baby or a kid she says "baby, baby!" It's pretty cute. She also says "got got" which sounds more like gaga. Drew chases her around the house and says "got you!" so she started saying got got back. Now when she has something in her hands she calls it "got got". She's also been trying to say bird, but she just says b.

So here are the words she says that we can think of at the moment:

night night (nigh nigh)
book (booh)
bath (bah)
baby (BB)
got got (ga ga)
kitty (key)
dog (doggadogga)
fish (psh)
Hi (a very dramatic Hiiiiii!)
bug (buh or bee)
mouth (mou)

She knows nose, eyes, mouth, and lots of household items even though she can't say them. She's getting pretty good at feeding herself with a spoon, in fact, she insists on it. She's mostly eating finger foods that we can find since she wont let us feed her with a spoon and while she does good, she misses a lot as well. She LOVES berries... any kind. Blueberries are probably her favorite, but she also loves strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. She would probably eat a whole block of cheese in one sitting if we let her as well. Her weird milk think (the hives only where it touches the outside of her face) seems to be gone. We were trying to hold back most dairy products for a while (the ones that bothered her the most) and I tried giving her some yogurt this week with no hives when it got on her face! So that's fantastic. Makes me feel much better, that's for sure! Her next well baby appointment wont be until she's 15 months.

On the baby bean front, I'm feeling pretty good. My food aversions seem to be going away and while I still don't have a ton of energy I don't feel like I need to sleep all the time (although we all had a nice morning nap today!). My next appointment is on the 18th. I was 11 weeks yesterday... I can't believe the first trimester is almost done already! It seems to be flying by this time! I guess when you are busy with one munchkin it makes it go by faster.

Here's a few more pictures. I have more to process, but I wanted to get an update in and post what I had while I had a chance.

Taylor in her super cute skirt:

Getting ready for Valentines Day (Holden is not to thrilled about this whole sign thing)Taylor didn't want to have much to do with it either, but at least I got ONE shot, even if she wasn't looking at the camera!

That's all for now! My apologies for taking so long to get an update going. It's 12:30am now, so I'm going to BED! My turn to get up tomorrow with Taylor so I better get some sleep while I can.

Love to you all and I'll try and post again soon!

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Jennifer Magreevy said...

I love the fact that they played Macarena at the skating rink!!! Too funny!!! :-)