Thursday, 9 April 2009

15 Month Appointment

So Taylor had her 15 month appointment today!

She's still little miss petite at 29 inches, and she finally hit 20 lbs (and 1 oz)! Her head circumference is 47 cm I think. She didn't write that one down for me so I'm not 100% sure. SO she's in the 10th percentile still for height/weight, and 75th for head circ.

She said that she's doing great, and is advanced as far as her speaking goes! I was rattling off all the words she says and she said she's almost talking as much as they expect from a 2 year old! She needs to go in and get a couple of vaccines (the immunizations clinic was closed while we were there) but she said that she doesn't need to come back again until she's 2 since she's doing so fantastic.

So we've been thinking about what we are going to need for the new kidlet and had planned on getting a matching crib to Taylor's and the Armoire that goes with her set and they would share a room for now. We would switch and give them the bigger room, and put my scrapbooking stuff and our computer in the smaller room. Of course they JUST discontinued the her bedroom set in the natural color. You can still get it in cherry, but of course that wouldn't really work. Go figure!

They do still make the matching toddler bed however, so I think we're going to get the toddler bed for Taylor. She wont be quite ready for it yet, but since the baby will be in the bassinet for a couple of months it will get her a little closer to 2 and we'll see about switching her over. Then the baby can use the crib that will convert into a toddler bed when he/she is ready.

Speaking of he/she, FIVE more days until we can tell which one (hopefully)! No big plans for Easter, I have baskets for Taylor and Drew and if it's not raining we'll do an Easter egg hunt for her. We have some steaks I think we'll BBQ up. I was going to make a ham, but decided since Drew and Taylor are leaving on Monday there is no way I could eat all the left overs before they go bad so I'll just do one of our other favorites!

Oh, Taylor has picked up a few new words. I'm not sure if I mentioned them or not. She says CAR, HOT, BUBBLE, and GONE. She uses them in the right context, but she also uses them a lot of other times, lol. Each time figures another one out she practices it on everything until she learns another one.

That's it so far, nothing else really exciting this week. Just been keeping busy doing household stuff and getting out for fresh air and exercise when we can. In between the rain and storms, it's a good time of year for weather!

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