Tuesday, 14 April 2009

It's A.....


So I had my U/S today and he showed us his little boy parts! Now we get to start looking at a million names!

He looked great on the ultrasound and was measuring right on track. The only concern the Dr. had was that my placenta is lying a little low for 20 weeks. She said that it usually will come up but it's something to watch. She will check again at 28 weeks to see if it is better. In the meantime she said the only concern is if there is any bleeding or preterm labor. So to keep an eye out for those things and we'll check again in a coupe of months (of course I'll have my regularly scheduled appointment next month).

So Drew and Taylor made it to San Diego, and sounds like they are having a good time! I wish I could be there too, but somebody had to hang back with the animals. I've been keeping busy around the house getting little projects done that I've been wanting to do for a while. I miss my hubby and baby girl though! I keep checking the baby monitor for Taylor to wake up out of habit. Silly me!

Anyway, here's the ultrasound pics that I got. I think he looks like Drew! The first pic is his profile, and the second pic is his.. thingy!

And with that! I'm off to do a few dishes and jump in bed! G'night!


Amity said...

Congrats on having a boy! I bet Drew is super happy... Taylor's going to be such an awesome big sister. I hope everything continues to go well for you.

Jen said...

YAY A BOY!!!!! I'm so happy Jen...I just knew it was another girl though! :) Enjoy your time...rest and relax!