Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Pics from today

Well, I'm still sick, but getting better. I can breathe again now, yay!!! I just have a lot of junk in my chest that I'm coughing up now. I've also had some pretty bad pain in that darn tooth that I have been having a hard time with since they messed with it, so I scheduled a dentist appointment for that. Unfortunately the soonest they can get me in is August 4th, unless I go back to my old dentist. No thanks!! I figure I've been dealing with the pain on and off since they did the root canal that I really don't think I needed so another week and a half wont hurt. Well, it will, but no more than it has been, har har.

Speaking of teeth, Taylor has been a saucy pants lately and I think it might have to do with her teeth. She's cutting her 2 yr. molars as well as her cuspids all at once on all 4 quadrants. She has also been eating a little less lately and she puts her fingers in her mouth a lot to feel around so I'm sure they are bugging her.

Little Miss has also been developing a bit of an attitude lately which I'm not particularly fond of. It goes something like this "MOMMY!" and she stomps her feet and her fists slam down to her sides and she glares at me. I'm pretty sure she's cursing at me in toddler speak. She gives the glare look in a couple of the photos following.

The baby shower that Betty threw for me on Saturday was absolutely wonderful. It was nice, enjoyable, relaxing and I really am blessed to have such good friends! I have a couple of pictures from the event, though Betty took most of them, so I'll post more when I get them from her (her computer has been on the fritz lately). Baby boy made out like a bandit!

The cute little monkey cake was deeeelicious! The empty basket was soon filled with a french toast casserole, yum!!!

Monday Drew got all of the baby stuff down from the attic and we have been getting it all cleaned and set up ready for him. I forgot how much room it all takes!! So, the bassinet is ready, we have the swing clean and set up. Taylor has been pushing it with her baby in there. I'm beginning to think we might not need to put any batteries in it with her help! I also got the infant seat/carrier cleaned and ready, and the double stroller put together. They don't match as close as I had hoped, but I'll deal (though you know my type A is killing me with the different patterns and slightly different tans!). Taylor tried out her part of the stroller and she's definitely a fan. She has a bit more "freedom" in this stroller, since she has doesn't have the snack tray blocking her view, though she still has snack/drink cups on her left and right.

Today Taylor wanted to go outside and it wasn't blazing hot, so we went out for about half an hour and I remembered to take my Camera out. There were some clouds in the sky so we got a few breaks from the sun. Half an hour was plenty though we were both sweating bullets by the time we went inside and Taylor downed a whole sippy cup full of water!

Tomorrow is our 5 year Anniversary, so we are going to go out to dinner. Taylor was going to stay with Betty, but something came up so she's going to go with us too. It will be a nice family evening out!

Friday through the weekend we don't have any big plans, just the same ol' same ol'. We have playgroup Monday and Tuesday next week, and then my OB appointment Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to this one because MAN am I feeling uncomfortable! I constantly feel like he's ready to "fall out" and I have lots of pressure in my nether regions! I'm still having contractions every day, but they are spread out and not consistent so nothing to worry about. I'll be 35 weeks Saturay, so I'm getting closer to being full term.

So anyway, here's pics from today, and also a video of her doing a new puzzle. It's broken up into two parts because I coudn't remember how big of a file I could upload!


Hamming it up

Off Roading

She stopped to have a dance.
She got a booboo running up and down the front path.
But that didn't stop her from running some more!

Looking in the window at the kitty.

Curly Sue!

Her big blues always make me melt.. even if she's glaring at me.

Here's part 1 and part 2 of her doing her puzzle as well.

That's it for now! Hope everybody had a great first half of their week.


Betty said...

oh Jen! For sure priceless moments.
I have your pictures ready to go, I will give you a call tomorrow. I am so glad that you enjoyed your shawer and as you know we are here to help each other, you are part of my family!

BarefootTams said...

Aww I love her. She's so photogenic! :)