Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Time flies when you are busy busy busy!!!

The last week has been another busy one indeed!

Wednesday I had my OB appointment and everything went well. I was actually down 6 lbs, from the previous appointment which the Dr. said was great and probably a lot of water weight from salty foods and travel. Yay. So I"m back down to an OK gain for where I'm at as long as I can keep it under control from here on out! My blood pressure was good (103/64) and baby's HR was good (135bpm). My placenta is up and out of the way where it should be so I wont need a c-section as long as everything else goes right.

Last week I finished switching the rooms around. The office/scrap/spare room is just about finished. Painted and mostly organized with room for the Aerobed when we have guests! I cried a little when I painted over Taylor's colors. I LOVED her room and it was sooo hard to see it go! Someday she'll have her own room again and we'll get to start over, so I just keep trying to look at it as the next step and another decorating opportunity.

The kids room is mostly painted, I still need to finish one wall and I'll probably do that tomorrow as well as touch up the edges were the darn painters tape leaked. I ordered a crib for baby boy today. I was going to wait, but it was backordered everywhere except this one place (which happened to have it for the cheapest price AND free shipping!) so I figured I'd better get it while I could. The dresser is still backordered but he doesn't have a whole lot of clothes to worry about just yet and I left the shelves in the closet that I can use for now as well.

This is the crib I ended up getting:

I don't think it's exactly the same color as Taylors set, but it's pretty close and will hopefully work well enough until we leave here and can get them in their own rooms. It's also a bit smaller than hers and the dresser is narrow as well so we should be able to fit everything in the room somewhat comfortably. I'll have to find a new place for the glider though, I don't think it will fit in there!

Saturday we had a nice 4th of July. We BBQed some steak and chicken, and I made potato salad, and we had beans and corn on the cob, oh and watermelon! I made a fresh peach and blackberry trifle for dessert. Drew lit off a bunch of fireworks, but Taylor didn't stay up late enough to watch. She was pretty tired and we though she would wake up with all the noise anyway, but she didn't! Next year hopefully she will get to enjoy the show.

Sunday we hung out around the house, did a little bit of housework and took it easy. After the last couple of weeks I needed a veg. day. I even did a scrapbook page which I haven't done in ages!

Yesterday Drew still had off, so I ran some errands in the morning and in the afternoon we took Taylor to go see the movie Up. She did amazingly well, and only had about 20 minutes where she got a little restless, but otherwise sat through most of the movie. She loved the balloons of course, and the dogs.

After the movie we went to dinner at the Fuddruckers across from the theater and then came home and got Taylor in bed.

This afternoon, Betty (our neighbor) and I are taking the kids to a place called Tiny Town. It's like an indoor playground at a church in town. Hopefully Taylor will enjoy that! I'm going to take my camera so hopefully I can snap some pics to add to the pile of ones I haven't finished processing yet.

I've been working on photos from the trip a little every day so I'm hoping to have them done soon. I get through about 10 or 15 a day and there are still a ton left to do! If I have time tonight I'll try and upload a few so it can give at least something to look at while you are waiting.

We have playgroup tomorrrow morning, and my next Ob appointment is Wednesday next week (or maybe Tuesday, I need to double check my calendar!), so we'll see how things are progressing. I'll have Drew take a belly pic for me too. I'm definitely popping out now and baby boy is running out of room. Every move he makes leaves his little body parts sticking out from every side of my belly! Knees, arms, elbows, feet, his little round booty. At least he's pretty low so I can still breathe.

Taylor has been in a much better mood since cutting her teeth the other week. I think she's about back to a normal schedule as well so that helps. She is talking up a storm and is really a character! Her new fascination is with wood puzzles. She LOVES them and is really very good at them! She matches all the pieces and puts them in the right direction. She has a little difficulty turning them if they are slightly off, but she works at it until it gets done. She also loves her MagnaDoodle, she draws "meow meows" and then erases them and says "aaaaallllll gone".

She also is loving her books a lot more lately. She's always liked them, but I think her comprehension is getting better and she helps me read, mostly the animal books, she makes all the animal sounds for me. We've enjoyed sitting together and reading a lot more lately! Sitting.. can you believe it???? She actually stays still for 3.5 minutes to peruse a book! It's like a little bit of heaven.

One of the things we've been struggling with is her putting her legs through her crib slats on purpose and getting stuck. She puts her knee in there and then can't get it out so she screams until we come in and get her. We've had to start putting her in her pack n' play for naptime so she wont put her legs through the crib. We still use her crib for bedtime though, she doesn't seem to fight it so much. I did get something called a crib shield that is suppose to be able to keep her from doing it, except her crib rails are too thick along the top to fit it correctly so unfortunately it only works on the front rail and she still sticks her legs through the sides. Hopefully she'll stop doing that pretty soon because we're going to need the pack n' play! I'm considering getting my own material to make my own crib shield that will fit her crib. We'll see.. not sure if I'm talented enough to sew something like that.

Anyway, that's about all for now, back to making my grocery list for the week. Hope all is well!!



Jennifer Magreevy said...

Cameron started sticking his legs through the crib slats early on...and it was so irritating for ALL of us to deal with it in the middle of the night when he would get stuck and start to scream. So I finally just put the doggone bumpers back up, and the problem was solved. :) Not necessarily the best option, but I didn't want to spend any more money on a crib shield or something like that. I think he actually likes having the bumpers up more: he's comfortable and relaxed because he can't see anything outside of his crib. He falls asleep faster now too. :) YAY!

Jen said...

Yeah, I considered that but she does it standing up. She stands up and puts her knee in about half way up the slats and it gets stuck so I don't think the bumper would help. Plus she climbs now and I don't want her to use the bumper to help her get out of the crib. In fact, I'm thinking I better lower her mattress to the last level pretty soon!