Thursday, 1 November 2007

He's here!

So we went and picked up Cossie last night! I felt sick when I saw him, my poor baby. His eyes were as big as dinner plates and it took him a few minutes to realize who I was. I don't think he'd slept in the 3.5 days he was in transit, and I'm not sure he ate or drank very well either. He started crying right away and was acting not quite like himself.

He was so dehydrated his poor tongue looked all dry, but the people at the airport in SF were REALLY nice. I had called several times throughout the day to get info and they always knew who I was. As soon as I walked in they told me he was here and safe and they would get him to me as soon as possible. As soon as they wheeled up his crate they let me take him out and she got me some water for him which he inhaled. He looked so skinny, even for the few days he was gone, but I think if he didn't eat well and being dehydrated contributed to the look.

We got his kennel loaded in the truck and then we hopped in and headed back home (about a 45 minute drive). He was still really out of it and he was SO tired he collapsed onto my lap and wouldn't move even when I was talking to him and trying to get him to respond. I was scared to death, and kept checking his pulse to make sure he was still with me.

Once we got him home I let him out and he peed for about 5 minutes (no joke) and then I gave him a bit of food and more water which he gulped down. We went to bed and he passed out right away, even the cat was sleeping right at his feet and he didn't care. He's been sleeping most of the day, but he looks a million times better than last night, almost back to normal. He's a little confused with all of the new sounds and smells and people to get to know, but I think he'll adjust well. I'm just glad to have him back safe!

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