Sunday, 30 September 2007

26 Weeks!

Time seems to be flying by so quick, yet not quick enough! This week was rather uneventful. I went in to work on Wednesday for the day and have otherwise been cleaning and packing my stamp room (so sad!). Our pre-inspection is tomorrow at 9 am so I vacuumed and steam cleaned all the carpets, Drew cleaned all the dog slobber off the walls and cleaned up the kitchen, everything else was still pretty clean from last week! Hopefully our pre-inspection guy will say that there isn't much we need to do (aside from fix the grass) and that will make it easier on us!

I have an OB appointment on Tuesday, my last one in England! I'll get my records to take to my next base and be good to go!

Here's my 26 week pic.. I feel like a whale some days (today was one of those), I have to keep reminding myself that there's a little person in there and that it's not fat, though that seems to be accumulating in places as well. I'll update more after the OB Tuesday!

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