Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Today was weigh in day at Weight Watchers! I lost 2.2 lbs. this week, which meant a couple of things. First, seems like I finally broke through that plateau I've been struggling with, yay! Second, it put me at a loss of 100 lbs. since my highest weight almost exactly 3 years ago. I had lost 20 or so before joining WW in England, and then I went on hold while I was pregnant with Taylor. I joined again after our visit home in March and have kept losing. That leaves me 3.8 lbs. away from the upper goal for WW. I talked to my leader today and we set my personal goal at another 7.8 lbs. Once I hit that if I can maintain for 16 weeks, I'll be a lifetime member. After the meeting today I cried a little in the car because I was so happy that I've made it this far. There are so many aspects of life that I felt like were out of control, and slowly, one by one it is all coming together to make me feel more like... well.. ME!

Another goal that was reached today was that we finally set up Taylor's college savings plan, yay! We'd been researching which route to go for a while, and I finally decided that we were going to get that taken care of this week, and we did! Go us!

Thursday I have my appointment for the first leg of my dental work and I think Drew is having a friend over Saturday so that should be fun! He's scheduled to work 12 hour shifts next week, I'm not sure if he's going to be mid shift or day shift. I guess we'll see! He found out today that Staff Sgt. Results come out on the 20th, so we'll find out then if he made it. Fingers crossed!!


Betty said...

Congratulation Jen!
What you have done is not easy that all and you did it. You are an example to me that I need to look at. Excellent job, keep it up girl! You look so beautiful!

Amity said...

Jen I cannot even begin to explain how incredibly proud I am of you! You've come so far in so many ways since we first met. I have to admit reading about your weight loss got me a little teary eyed. You've done a great job Jen!