Monday, 4 August 2008

Well-Baby and Holden updates!

Well, I got up in plenty of time for the well baby appointment today! It was pretty uneventful however. She's still on the small side, just above the 10th percentile. She was 15.2 lbs (she hadn't eaten breakfast yet), 25" long, and I can't remember her head circumference but it was normal. She's growing slow, but uniformly and she eats well, so they aren't worried at all.

After that we went to a Mommy and Me swim class which was pretty much like play time in teh water with moms and kids, there were only 3 of us though. She spent the whole hour kicking her legs and splashing the water though, she seemed to really like it. The other two kids were boys and she was sure flirting with them! I hope she doesn't give us too much trouble later, haha.

I came home and called to talk with the vet about Holden's treatment. She ended up writing me a prescription so I could order the meds online and give his injections at home to save money. He'll need bi-weekly injections for 4 weeks, then we'll need to retake the x-rays to see how it did. He will most likely still be on crate rest when we come to CA which will be a bummer, but a necessity.

Anyhoo.. Taylor has a new contraption that we got from the neighbors the other day, we figured we'd keep it in th back room so we don't ding up the walls moving her jumperoo around all the time. She tested it out today and really liked it!

Then I gave her, her ABC book and she was reading outloud until she dropped it.

That's about it for today! Taylor just fell asleep so I'm going to bed.. I got up way to early this morning!

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Betty said...

As always Taylor is a cutie little girl, she looks beautful smiling. I am glad that she like the play & piano.