Thursday, 28 August 2008

Say What???

So I've had insomnia for the past two nights. Not good. Thankfully the baby has been staying asleep (and still pooping, coincidence? I think not!) so I've only been moderately fatigued. I don't think I've been able to fall asleep before 2 the past two nights. Taylor woke up at 8am yesterday, and 7am today. At least it was solid, uninterrupted sleep! It's amazing what a difference that makes.

This morning I had a dentist appointment at 10:20 to get my crown on. Drew was going to have to watch the baby so instead of him driving home, then having to wait for me to drive back from my appointment we just agreed he would meet me at the dentist and hang out with her while I got my crown on. Unfortunately she had not wanted to go down for her morning nap so she was SUPER cranky. He drove around with her for a while but she wasn't falling asleep and he was getting hungry so he came back and went to the pizza buffet place next door to the dentist while I was finishing up.

After I was done, with half my face numb (yeah, I'm a wuss, I had them numb me up to put my crown on. I about jumped out of my seat when she tried to take off the temporary without it!) I walked over to the restaurant and went in. There was a girl at the door and asked if it was just one. I told her I was just looking for my husband and she stood in front of me and said if I wanted to go in, I would have to pay. I told her I wasn't going to eat, I just came from the dentist and was numb, I just needed to let him know I was done and get the baby who is undoubtedly hungry (not to mention cranky from not napping AND teething). She said, "well, it's our policy, I can't let you in without paying." Your kidding right? So I asked her if SHE could go find my husband and baby and tell him I was here. So she went and found him, and he had to gather up Taylor and her stuff and bring her to me, then go back and finish eating.

So, needless to say I was pretty irked. It's not like she couldn't see the buffet table, and the salad bar and whatever else from where she was standing. I would understand if maybe I was going to stay, but I specifically said I was just going to grab her and then go feed her in the car while Drew finished. No dice. Seriously, I would have been in and out in the time we sat there discussing policy, and then for her to go look for them herself. I did write an e-mail to the place about the experience and the negative taste (no pun intended) it left. I'm not usually one to complain about stuff like that, but to make me pay to go get my kid? Sheesh.

I'm off to bed. We made it through the nearly two weeks of 12 hour shifts. Drew has 4 days off, then he's working day shift until we head to CA (13 days!!!) He gets to sleep in tomorrow but when he wakes up, then I get some ME time, yay! Saturday we are going to a dog show in Monroe to see the Danes!

Speaking of Danes, Holden is having x-rays done on Wednesday to see if we've made any progress. I did forward the last x-rays to his breeder who had her vet, and the stud dogs vet check them out and they seem to think it's Panosteitis which is an inflammation of the long bones in fast growing large/giant breed dogs. I would be happy if it was beacuse that is non-surgical and will heal on it's own. Though we may need to treat for symptoms as they occur, it is quite painful. Next Wednesday we should have more answers.

I have a list of To-Do's this week in preparation for our trip. I can't believe it's coming up so soon! Very excited! Okay, I'm really off to bed now! Goodnight!


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