Monday, 25 August 2008

They're a comin'!

Taylor's teeth are finally on their way! She was biting on my thumb earlier and I felt her gums were kind of knobby feeling so I took a peek and it looks like her teeth are on their way! I can see one one her right side bottom is getting close, and the left side is a little swollen too. She's definitely been on the cranky side that's for sure. She has not been sleeping well, but I thought it was because she was constipated. Perhaps it was because she was teething!

I'm working on making a list of the things not to forget for our trip. I can't believe it's coming up so quick, but excited. Can't wait to get there and see everybody.

Also, I'd like to ask for your thoughts and prayers for my Dad and Leslie. Their house caught on fire today and sustained a lot of damage. Their cats Punkin and Baby are also at the vet hospital in critical condition. I'll post updates as I find out more, it's times like these that I wish we were closer to CA.

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Betty said...

oh Jen! my prayers are with your family. keep us post it