Sunday, 30 August 2009

More pics and birth story...

Hopefully I can get this all in before the next feeding. This kid sure likes to EAT!

I'll start with photos in case I can't get to the rest, at least you can see the little guy!

Taylor meeting her brother for the first time.

Not so sure.
Sleeping peacefully

Wearing their Big Sister/Little Brother shirts.

First time in the swing! I'll have to find the photo of Taylor that looks almost identical to this one :)

Everything is going well, Taylor is slowly getting adjusted and we're getting used to having a newborn around here again. I forgot how small they are and he makes Taylor look so big! Mom's flight came in last night so we're enjoying having her company as well as the extra set of hands.

Here's my birth story for those who weren't getting the Facebook play-by-play!

I went into the hospital at 5AM, got all of the paperwork filled out and they got my IV started by 5:45. Around 8AM they came in and started my pitocin to boost my contractions. I was having some regularly already but they weren't very strong, or close together. The doctor came in around 9 and checked me, I was 2.5cm dilated so she broke my water and the waiting began!

I slowly progressed and was at 4cm at around 11am, I wasn't in a huge amount of pain yet, but went ahead and opted to get my epidural since I could. I remembered it took a while to actually get it last time and figured I might be hurting by then. It took about an hour, but they came and I got my happy juice installed and was feeling pretty good, except I was still at 4cm!

About an hour later I started feeling extremely nauseous. It was okay as long as my eyes were shut so I just kept them closed and fought it. Two hours later I finally couldn't hold back anymore and started vomiting uncontrollably right when the nurse walked in. She said,"oh you're vomiting, that's good!" Then finished by telling me that vomiting is often a sign you are getting close. Then she asked me if I wanted something for it. It never dawned on me to ask them for something for the nausea, so one injection into my IV and 30 seconds later I was back feeling like a champ again.

I had been stuck at 4 for about 3.5 hours and I was losing hope, then she came in at around 3:30 I think and I was at 5. At 4:45 I was at 7, so she said she'd be back in a little bit since I had told her that I went from 6-10 pretty fast with Taylor.

Both the nurse and the doc came back at 5:15. I had been feeling a little rectal pressure so I told them I thought I might be ready. It was hard to tell though because my epidural was REALLY strong this time! So they checked me and she said, oh! There's a head! So they started prepping everything to push.

Doc was washing up and the nurse said to wait for the next contraction then we'd start pushing (this process took about 45 minutes with Taylor to get her crowning). She was getting things cleaned up and I finally had a contraction (they weren't coming very fast, nor were they very strong) and I gave a push which I couldn't really tell if I was pushing or not and she looked over and said STOP! He was crowning already, lol.

The doc came in and they finished getting me prepped. I told her it would be funny if he was born at the same time as Taylor. She came at 5:28pm. She told me she didn't think I would make it that long (it was 5:22). So she finished prepping me and the next contraction I had she said push! I did what I thought was pushing and out popped his head! She had me give one more push and his body slid right out ( a minute early at 5:27!). I had one small tear at the top, but didn't need an episiotomy!! They joked that I was made to birth babies, lol. I joked and told Drew, GREAT! LETS DO IT AGAIN!

They cleaned him up and did all his post birth stuff which took ENTIRELY too long (like 20 minutes!) before we got to hold him. They left him with us for an hour and a half (that's what took me so long to post after he was born) and then took him to get cleaned up. He has been nursing like a champ and is getting cuter and cuter every day!

So that's how little Carson arrived into the world.

Tomorrow we need to take him to get his weight and bilirubin levels checked. Though I imagine they will be great because he eats like a little piggy and has not had any yellowing at all. "I also have to get him enrolled as a dependent for the health insurance. Wednesday Taylor has music class and Drew is going to stay home with Carson so Taylor can have some Mommy and Grandma time at class! I'm sure they will want to see him, but it's a little early to have him exposed to a bunch of kids just yet I think.

Otherwise not too many plans this week except to take it easy, recuperate and bond with our little man!

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