Monday, 10 August 2009

OB Appt, and a sicky.

Went to my OB appointment and the good news is there is progress, however little it may be! I'm "almost 1 cm" dilated. My BP 110/63, I gained a pound, baby sounds good, and I'm measuring right on track.

She did say she wont let me go much past my due date and I asked her if I was dilated any more next week if she would consider stripping my membranes and she said she could do that (not that she would, but we'll see). The pain has been getting worse and worse, so as soon as she's willing to help me out, I'm there. I spent most of yesterday trying not to move and in tears with the shooting pains. I'm feeling kind of depressed about it because I enjoyed my pregnancy with Taylor so much and with this one I'm in pain, pain, and more pain (at least for the last month). I hate to be a complainer and I want to LOVE and enjoy this time, but YIKES!

Well, we'll see. My next appointment is next Monday at 10:15. Who knows, maybe I wont make it until then, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

While I was there Drew sent me a message to tell me Taylor had a 102 degree fever. I got home and she's been snuggling with me for a few hours dozing on and off. Her temp went up to 104, and I gave her more Motrin (Drew had given her some this morning). I finally tried putting her in her crib and she fell asleep in there. She doesn't seem to have any other symptoms at the moment (what's with this kid and her high fevers with nothing else??), though I can hear her swallowing like she might be a bit nauseous. We'll see I guess, poor baby.

Nothing else to report really. Drew got the garage cleaned out this weekend and once we find a new home for a few things we should be able to park 2 cars in there again.. yay!

We have music class on Wednesday, but we'll see how Taylor is feeling. Suppose to meet a friend on Thursday that we haven't seen in a while, and otherwise no big plans for the weekend. Just playing the waiting game now!

Hope all is well with everyone!

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