Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Bathtime Bubbles and battle wounds

Took some pics while Taylor was taking a bath today. We had to show off her battle wounds with various objects around the house in the last couple of days. Sunday she was running around like a crazy girl no matter how hard I tried to get her to stop and she ran so hard into the couch she bounced off, flipped around and ate the corner of her wood chair. Ouch! So that buffed her chin and gave her a fat lip.

Then Monday morning Drew took her outside to get some energy out and she fell and faceplanted into the concrete taking out her nose and adding to her birthmark on her forehead. Ouch again!

Tonight she did another dive/roll off the couch (having a fit when I told her she needed to sit down) with her face flat on the floor but luckily no additional injuries this time.

Sneaking a nibble of the letter I

She's actually showing me the teeny tiny piece she bit off of the I, you can see her molars here though!

Yay! Mama just finished singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider!Her bubble beard. She gets a kick out of putting bubbles on her chin and nose, and putting htem on my nose too.

This was actually yesterday at the Norton Art Gallery. She was being a stinker the whole time we were there (we had left a little too close to naptime so Drew could get a bit more sleep). So this was the only photo that I managed to get that wasn't really blurry from her running off.

Off to bed for me.. we have music class tomorrow, yay!

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