Monday, 17 August 2009

Today's Appointment

Well, another week of no progress. BP was 103/64, I gained yet another pound (yikes!), baby's HR was 138.

She did say she was willing to induce me next week if I wanted so at least that gives me some light at the end of the tunnel.

After thinking about it I'm going to see what things look like at my next appointment. If I haven't dilated any more and she doesn't think the baby is getting to big for a vaginal delivery, I'll hold out one more week.

If I HAVE dilated more and she can strip my membranes I'll have her do that and if that doesn't work then I'll decide on having her induce at the end of the week or the beginning of the next week. At least if I'm dilated some the chances of needing a C-section after being an induction is a little lower.

What I'm really hoping is that he'll just decide to come on his own before next week and I wont have to make any decisions!

In the meantime the plan for the week is I'm meeting Betty and maybe another friend at Starbucks tomorrow at 10:30 to hang out and chit chat for a while. I'm not sure if I'll take Taylor yet or not, Drew will be home so I might get out for a bit while I can. Wednesday we have music class. Taylor's blisters are pretty much gone and it's been a week since her fever broke so I'll call the teacher tomorrow and make sure it's okay if we come or if she'd rather us hold off for another week.

I need to call another one of my friends to meet sometime this week as well with Taylor. We've been trying to get together for a few weeks but things keep coming up and we have to cancel our plans.

Otherwise that's about it.. just more and more waiting!

Well I'm exhausted, haven't been sleeping well so I'm off to bed! We'll keep you posted. I figure worst case scenario it will be another 2 weeks. I can do this!!!

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