Friday, 7 August 2009

Visit from good friends

Yesterday we had a visit from our friends from England! The Sinkus family, that lived 2 doors down from us (Drew and Bryan worked together also) are stationed in New Mexico now and stopped to visit on their way back from Ohio. We only got to see them for a handful of hours since Drew couldn't get the day off work, but it was good times and nice to catch up with them!

Here's some pictures from the day.

We started off meeting at IHOP for breakfast. Taylor wanted to wear Drew's sunglasses, she's such a cool chick (with her scabby nose)!

Riley and Dominik hamming it up for the camera. I can't believe how big they are! Riley was not even 2 yet when we met him (he's 6 now) and I was there for Dom's birth 3 years ago!

After breakfast we walked over to Starbucks for a coffee.

The kids were all running around like crazy so we went out on the patio and let them have at it while we chatted.

Tonya deep in thought..

Bryan pretending I'm not taking his picture..
Taylor hopping along.

and climbing too.
Riley playing with Taylor, she thinks he's funny.

I'm not sure Drew ever knew he would be a master of the hair clippy!Kid Mauled!

Riley and his best "mean" face
Speaking of clippies, Dom has something in his hair!
We call this the Sinkus face, it's hereditary.
After we left there we came back to the house to hang out a while. This photo brings back some memories of the good ol' days. The two guys dorking out to video games.
Poor Dom didn't feel well, I think the heat/humidity was too hard on his little body so he took a nap. He got sick a little later and puked all over Tonya (yuck!), good thing we had a washer and dryer standing by!

Riley and Taylor bonding over some pez they discovered on a counter.
Riley giving Taylor a hug, she's not too sure about the whole thing, but she enjoyed his visit too even though they had never met!

and that's that!! They left a little after Drew went to work to head back home. We are only about 10 hours apart so we're hoping to get together a bit more frequently, maybe meet in the middle!

Nothing else too exciting going on.. still in pain, it's getting more and more difficult to sleep and while I'm going to miss the rolls and tumbles and little body parts sticking out of my belly, I'm SO ready to walk again, and I'm looking forward to meeting this little guy! I have an appointment at 9:45 on Monday, so we'll see if anything is progressing but I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm 37 weeks tomorrow, full term!! So he's welcome to come anytime after that.

My mom booked her flight, she's coming in on my due date. Hopefully he's either here, or comes real close to that! Drew's Mom is going to come closer to the end of September. I'm looking forward to having the family and company! I wish everybody could take turns coming out to see us, that would be heaven! :)

Taylor is doing a bit beter now that her teeth are pretty much through. She's still being a bit of a stinker sometimes but I think that's part of her discovering her personality. Oh joy. We've gone 4 whole sleeps (2 naps, 2 bedtimes) without a fit so that's promising. She hasn't tried to climb out of her crib since then either! She has however been getting up for a few days at 4 and 5 AM, the first of which she didn't go back to sleep, but the last two she did, thank goodness.

Baby Boys dresser came in yesterday so that got put together and looks good! I'll take pics when I get a chance. The room is slowly but surely coming together!

So that's all for now! I'll update on Monday and let everybody know how my appointment went.

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Jennifer Magreevy said...

HOLY COW!!! The Sinkus kids sure grew up!! When did that happen?!? I remember having you and Drew over for dinner, and you running over saying Tonya was in labor and about to pop Dominic out so you had to go with them to the hospital! Crazy to think Taylor (and baby boy) weren't even on your radar at that time...and Cameron wasn't on mine. :)