Friday, 14 December 2007

Happy Friday!

Here we are heading into the weekend before closing day!

I went to Haughton today (where our house is) to get the water set up to be switched to our name on Monday. The electricity is already set, I found the internet company that services the area (YAY!) but the people that live there haven't called to have it shut off yet, so it still might be a few days before we can get service established and the equipment to use it.

Lynn (the mortgage broker) called and we went over all of our prepaids (Home Owners Ins., Per Diem Interest and Reserves) so we know exactly how much we need to bring to closing so I can get a cashiers check. She's also going to call and see if they will let us take a load of stuff over on Sunday when we do our final walk through since we have WAY too much stuff to fit in our car in one trip, but we have to check out of the hotel on Monday morning by 10AM, and closing isn't until 11 when we actually get the keys! So if we can take one load over the day before we should be able to fit the rest in on Monday morning.

So a little recap.. our birthing class is tomorrow (9:30am - 1:30pm). Final walk through on Sunday (at 3pm). Closing at 11am Monday. OB appointment Tuesday (2:30pm). Breastfeeding Class on Wednesday (9:am11:30am). So far..that's it.. lets hope it all goes smoothly! I'll keep you posted! :)

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