Saturday, 29 December 2007

Nope, not yet!

I hope I didn't keep you all hanging with the lack of posts!

Still no labor, though I was sure yesterday was going to be the day! Drew and I picked Mom up from the airport on Wednesday night. Thursday, mom and I went walking through the mall and I felt great! Yesterday we went and got the Zx2 registered, and did some more walking and I was having all sorts of pain. Sharp pains in my lower abdomen that took my breath away and made me have to stop and take a deep breath. I wasn't sure if they were contractions or not, they were different than anything else I had felt, but it hurt! I was feeling quite a bit of pressure as well. When we got home, everything just up and stopped! I had one more contraction as I was falling asleep, and had the first uninterrupted nights sleep in a long time! I went to bed at midnight and didn't get up until 9, not even to pee!

Today we all (Drew, Mom and I) went to 3 malls.. the Louisiana Boardwalk, Mall St. Vincent and the Pierre-Bossier Mall and walked..we were out for 6 hours, and not even the slightest sharp pain. A little heavy feeling now and then, but that's it. What's up with that!? This kid is messing with us, I know it! I had two contractions total today so far (and one was as I was typing this). At least we got some exercise, right?

I think all the window shopping wore Drew out, he's currently passed out in the glider. Too tired to play his games even, that's saying a lot! I think we'll all probably go to bed fairly early tonight, I know I'm pooped as well.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.. we're running out of places to go, so perhaps we'll walk up and down the street! It couldn't hurt anyway.

I'll keep updating, and don't worry we'll call and post as soon as something happens! But nothing as of yet.

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