Sunday, 9 December 2007

Sunday Update

So what am I this week..36 weeks? 37? Who knows! Sticking with my original due date we'll say 36. Nothing new to report, we had a relatively quiet weekend.

Friday, I went to install the infant car seat in the ZX2 only to find out that it BARELY fits! The base fits in fine, but when you put the actual seat in, the front passenger seat has to be all the way in the vertical position and scooted pretty close to the glove compartment. It will work in a bind, but it looks like we'll have to get a bigger car sooner rather than later.

Yesterday, Drew and I went to see The Golden Compass which was pretty good! Afterwards we looked around town a bit, we stopped at a car dealership to look at a couple of cars. We looked at the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevy Trailblazer and the GMC Envoy. We like the Jeep, but the way the back cargo area is configured, we don't think it will be big enough to haul Cossie comfortably, along with extra stuff. The Trailblazer and Envoy are essentially the same, but we preferred the Trailblazer and the size is right. We also saw an Isuzu Ascender on the road that is also the same (or similar) as a Trailblazer, so we might look into that as well.

Today we stayed in the hotel room for the most part. We went to the commissary to stock up on food for the room (hopefully for the last time before we stock up on food for the HOUSE!). We were going to go check out the FamCamp area and go for a walk after our laundry was done, but the good dryer was in use, so we had to use the crappy dryer and it took a few hours to dry our clothes, by then it was getting dark. Maybe next time!

Plans for this week...our customs form came for the Zx2 so I'll see if I can go get the car registered tomorrow and at least get temporary plates so people don't give us a hard time. I'll also call and schedule a spot at the Breastfeeding class for the 19th. Wednesday Morning I have a Doc. appointment to check progress. Saturday is our birthing class. Next Monday we should get the keys to the house! Yay!!

On the baby front, I've been having cramps on and off all day, I've felt some tightening a couple times along with the cramps, but nothing regular or very strong. Otherwise nothing exciting to report! I wish there was a magic way to tell how things are progressing, but I guess we'll know when we know. :)

Here's an updated picture for you all.. it's not a very good one unfortunately. Now that I'm finally showing a lot, I'm feeling very unattractive and blobish. I do have more pictures from last weekend, but the computer is running so slow I can't process them to post them without going nuts, so I decided to leave them for now until we get our desktop, hopefully next week.

I hope everybody has had a wonderful weekend, we'll talk to you soon!


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