Thursday, 20 December 2007

You ready for a novel?

Wow, what a week.

Talk about a bundle of mixed emotions all at once! I'll start from where I left off.

Monday, we packed the car with the rest of our stuff and went to our closing appointment at 11. We started off with the settlement statement where a problem arose right away. Apparently the sellers mortgage company only sent over part of their actual mortgage, they had two loans (an 80/20), so it was showing they were getting back way more than they were suppose to.

Then as we were going over everything else, it was discovered that they had a pre-payment penalty that was going to make them top heavy on their loan. It would have been up in February, but I guess they thought it was up last February and they weren't going to get penalized. So all the paperwork was signed EXCEPT for the settlement statement, and they were having a hard time getting the mortgage company to send over the second mortgage ASAP. They told Drew and I we were done and could leave and they would call us when they got it sorted... at this point they could still back out and we didn't officially own the house yet, so we had no keys or anything, and no where to go! We said that we'd go have lunch next door while we waited since we didn't have anywhere else to go. We were freaking out a little and not sure what we were going to do if they backed out! About 45 minutes later our Realtor came over and gave us keys and garage door openers, yay! They had signed the agreement and it was official, we're homeowners! I guess they only ended up making about a dollar after their penalties, and I felt bad for them, but that was bad planning on their part!

So Drew and I came HOME took lots of pictures which I will upload this evening( I just need to load them on the comp) and then went shopping for food and necessities (like a shower curtain, pillows, and a set of sheets for our aerobed!). We still didn't have any cooking utensils or anything, so paper plates, plasticware and anything we could make in the microwave or eat fresh was on the menu.

Tuesday we got up and went to base so Drew could get a haircut and I could get some batteries for the baby swing and pack n' play (it plays music and vibrates!). I've been putting together the baby's stuff, and reading to keep me busy since we had nothing here. Quiet and Empty! I did do some cleaning though, you should see the faucets sparkle! We also purchased a dining set, since we didn't really have one in England (unless you count the coffee table), but it wouldn't fit in the car so we had to leave it there until yesterday when somebody could help us.

When we got home, our water had been shut off!! We got back in the car and went down to town hall, where apparently a clerical error had been made. The previous owner had gone in to get the water out of her name, and they didn't check to see that I had already gone in to put it in my name effective Monday, so it got shut off. They were really quick to get it turned back on though, only about 10 minutes and they were back!

Tuesday was also my doctors appointment. No change as of yet. Still 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I admit, I was a little bummed, but she'll come when she's ready, as long as she's healthy. That's the important thing! I'm definitely hurting these days though. I feel like I just got done riding a horse for about 4 hours and then trying to walk straight, just doesn't work. My back and hips hurt, and my stomach is quite hard! I've been having a lot of contractions, the last couple of days, but I think they are just Braxton Hicks ones, they are uncomfortable, but not painful. Nothing regular, but definitely getting more and more frequent.

Wednesday (yesterday) was my breastfeeding class. It went well. No questions or concerns, I'm just thinking positive. I'm sure there will be a learning curve, but I'm excited to give it everything I've got!

Also yesterday, the previous owner finally got their internet services switched to their new address so I was able to set up activation for today. The modem was delivered this morning, so I plugged it in and couldn't get anything to work! We had a storm last night and I guess it knocked out services to this area ALL day. We finally got it up and running this evening.

Our fast shipment also came today, but it didn't have quite as much as I thought it would in it.
At least we have some silverware, knives, cooking utensils, plates and bowls, and pots and pans! Looks like I might just have enough to cook a Christmas dinner after all (as long as I'm not in the hospital, heehee).

Drew started working swingshift this week also, so without a TV,internet, or a car, the evenings have been SOOO long, but at least it's slowly coming together. They called today and said the rest of our stuff was here, but the soonest they could deliver it would be the 31st, so that's when we'll have furniture and the rest of our things (I've been having stamping withdrawls!).

This weekend, we go try and find us a family car. I've been shopping around and have found some pretty good deals, but I need to check them on carfax to make sure they don't have any problems before we look closer, you know how it is.. some deals that sound too good to be true, probably are! Assuming we find something this weekend, we'll also go pick up the rest of the baby furniture so we can get her room ready!

So, how's that for an update??? I'm going to go relieve myself for the millionth time today and then I'll get my camera and load the pics up so I can post them for ya!

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