Thursday, 20 December 2007

House pictures!

Here's all of the pictures!

Me showcasing the house :) Just call me Vanna.. at least I've got the last name right! :)

Drew opening the door

My turn!

The living room taken from the dining area

The dining area taken from the living room (kitchen to the right)

My new kitchen (I *heart* my fridge!)

Hallway from living room to bedrooms (Master bedroom on right, main bath straight ahead, two more bedrooms after turn left down hall)

Master Bedroom from door (small doors lead to master bath/closet)

Purty Windows

Closet (sellers left us shoe rack even!)

Master Bath (it has a curtain and a rug now, hee hee!)

Hallway leading to other bedrooms (linen/storage closets on left and right, standing next to main bath)

main bath (shower/tub behind door)

This will probably be the baby's room!

From the inside looking out

This will probably be the "office".. I love these windows!

Looking out from office

From the kitchen this is the back door.

The back of the house

Last but not least, Drew checking out the attic, and the car at home in it's garage.

1 comment:

Amora said...

Wow, thanks for the great update and pictures! Your new place is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You guys are so lucky. A brand new house, in a brand new town, with a brand new baby on the way. What a Christmas this will be, eh?

I can't wait to see the house once it's decorated. That kitchen is to DIE for...I'm jealous! :)

Also...what do you think about the window in the baby's room? Does it open at that level? It seems REALLY close to the floor.

Okay, show us more pictures once you get everything received/moved in/decorated. This calls for some SERIOUS nesting, Momma!