Saturday, 22 December 2007

We got a family car!

I'm just full of updates lately aren't I???

Well, here's the story:

Drew and I went out car shopping today.. we already knew we wanted a Trailblazer and how much we wanted to pay, we just needed to find the right deal. I had found some online, so I printed out their carfax reports and their prices and off we went.

We went to four dealerships, only 2 of which I actually knew they had TBs at, the other two were just ones we were checking to see if they did. The first dealership, the car had been sold. The second one had one, but it was out on loan until Wednesday. An 04 with 25K miles for 13,500... of course we couldn't see it and didn't know the condition it was in or anything, but we gave him our info and told him to call us when it was back. We really didn't want to wait until Wednesday, but since it was the best deal so far we would definitely keep it in mind.

The 3rd dealership had an 05 with 21K miles, but they were asking 16,900.. he said he the absolute lowest he could go was 15,900 so we walked.

The last dealership, I knew there was a car at in our mileage range (under 40K), but they had it listed for 16,999, I doubted they were going to drop down as low as 13,500 but I figured we'd check and see if they had anything else anyway. So the sales guy introduced himself (Dave) and we told him what we were looking for and that we had been offered an 04 with 25K miles for 13,500.. he said he'd look at his inventory. He said, well we have an 05 with 31K miles on it (this is the one I had seen for 16,999, but I didn't mention that).. he totally surprised me by saying, we could probably get it to you for 13,800. He never even mentioned the original price! So we went and test drove it... it was fantabulous! There's a few dings in the paint on the bumper and drivers door, but he said they would get those fixed for us... awesome!

So we went in to check out the numbers.. it was going to come to about 15,200 with tax.. I said, 15 was really our limit, any way we can get it for 15 out the door? He went and chatted with his manager and said no problem, so that dropped the price of the car to about 13,700. The whole process was so laid back, I've never felt more comfortable and less pressured at a dealership before. Come to find out, the sales guy was actually from the town I grew up in! So we reminisced and chatted.. it was good fun. Anyway.. I think we did pretty good on the price, and we now have a family car. We take it back in about a week to get the paint chips fixed, oh and they are going to give her a bath also since it was raining today. It also still has some of the manufacturers warranty left also which the other one didn't . We haven't decided if we are going to do the extended or not yet. We have about 6 months or 5K miles to decide.

So, here she is.... I think I shall call her Goldilocks...

maybe not.Next stop... baby furniture! Now that we have some place to haul it :)

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Amity said...

Awesome! I knew you could get a great deal! Woo Hoo for a family car!