Monday, 16 June 2008

Dada, Mama, Baba, WAAHH!!!

I think my title pretty much sums it up! Taylor is babbling up a storm lately! Aside from Dada, she has added Baba and Mama to her vocabulary. Again, she doesn't seem to know what they mean, but who are we to underestimate her! I put her down for a nap earlier and she was fussing a bit then she yelled MAMA, AHHH!! Alan and I looked at each other and laughed because it sure sounded like she was calling me!

Yesterday she was fussing a bit and I was exhausted so I was lying down with her and she started babbling. Drew came in and she was saying babababaMamababa....dada..baba. It was too cute. Don't know if I can get it on video, but I'll try!

Today Alan and I took her to get her next set of vaccines and she was NOT happy about it. I always feel so guilty when she cries! She was smiling and happy, and I put her down on the table and started tickling her to try and keep her attention focused elsewhere. The nurse gave her the jabs and she was screaming away. She stopped wailing when I was able to pick her up, but she was fussy most of the way home and she didn't want to nap in the afternoon.

I'm off to bed for now. I've been so tired lately that I'm making myself crazy. I'm constantly forgetting and misplacing things. I searched for the mail for an hour the other day only to have Drew find it on top of the car just as I was about to leave. Good thing he's tall. Oh, and apparently aluminum foil does not belong in the fridge. Who knew?? I keep waiting for it to improve but no luck yet. Maybe there is something I can do to stimulate my memory, I don't know. Sleep probably helps, so I'll start there. Goodnight!!!

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