Saturday, 21 June 2008


Sorry, didn't think it would take me so long to get the pictures up. It's been busy around here and Taylor is still cranky. I ended up taking her to the doctor yesterday because things have been so bad at night with her wailing. The doc. checked her out and there were no physical symptoms of a problem (ears, eyes, nose, belly, checked out okay) and no temperature. She offered to take a little blood sample to make sure everything was okay there and I agreed. They took a finger poke and got some blood.

When she came back it was showing that it looked like she was fighting a bit of a viral infection. Her white cell count was high end of normal, but the percentage of viral fighting cells out of those was up. The doc. said "She might have picked up something at the doctors on Monday." and I was thinking, YEAH! 3 syringes worth of something! I'm really not a fan of loading up on vaccines all at once so from here on out they are getting separated, I'm not going to let the base people bully me into giving them all at once again. So, she seems to be improving ever so slightly, she's very needy still, but the crying was a little less last night and today.

Anyway.. on with the pics!

Drew using his new BBQ:
Taking a break to hang out with his baby girl:
Close up of Taylor:
The first time at the pool
Taylor and her dorky mom :
Alan, fresh out of the pool.
That's all I've got for now! Not sure what the plans are for this week, I guess we'll play it by ear!

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