Tuesday, 10 June 2008


I've been slacking in the posts again I know! I'm really determined to get organized (a life-long battle) so I've been spending most of my spare time re-arranging cabinets and checking things off my to-do list. Lots of little things sure add up!

I stopped today to take some pictures since Taylor is 5 months now! I can't believe how fast time is flying.

Here's some from my efforts today.


Taylor and Mommy:



Holden and Cossie (both eyeballing the cat who decided this was a good time to hack up a hairball):)

Sadly, I didn't get any of Drew since he is at work, but I'm hoping I can snag him this weekend to pose for me. I have a video of Taylor in her jumperoo too, so I'll go get that off the other camera and get it uploaded for ya.

Love to you all!!


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Jennifer Magreevy said...

Great pics, Jen...and you are getting soooo skinny!! Well done! :-)