Monday, 23 June 2008

Leave Approved!

Well, it looks like Drew's leave has been approved for September 13th through October 12th! Barring any last minute emergencies like last time we'll be on our way to CA in 3 short months! I'll start working out details and hopefully we'll get everything arranged!

Taylor seems to be feeling better, she was in a great mood yesterday except she didn't want to sleep. At least she was happy about it! Today back to being on the fussy side and still not wanting to sleep. The past few nights we've been up until 10 or 12 trying to get her to sleep. As soon as we put her down her little eyes pop open and she gives us a huge smile. Little stinker. You'd think going to sleep later she might sleep later in the morning... nope! Not yet! We keep waiting for it to catch up to her, but she still gets up early.

Also, after a couple of weeks of contemplating, and lots of thought and consideration, we feel it is in the best interest of our family for me to give notice at work, so I will be doing so this week. I have very mixed feelings about this as I love working and it gives me a little break to be with other adults and out of the house, but I do suffer with fatigue on those days and often find myself frustrated and cranky. With more sleep I think that I can be a better and more patient Mom, and Wife. Drew is also having a difficult time getting home often after midnight from work, it's 2AM by the time he winds down enough to get to sleep, then he's up between 6 and 8 with Taylor, then as soon as I get home he's back off to work. He is also finding himself tired, frustrated and cranky, which is completely abnormal for him!

We gave it 7 weeks to see if it would work out okay, and for a while it was great, but it's beginning to catch up with us. I have no doubt that I will be leaving on a good note and should the situation change (more solid sleep schedule, less dependence on me for food, etc.) and they had an opening, I would not have a difficult time getting hired there again. Either way, I'm not looking forward to giving notice. I kind of feel like I'm giving up, but having a happy and well-rested hubby, energy to introduce Taylor to new things and patience when she's cranky is more important. I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes!

Tomorrow, Alan, Taylor and I are getting up and going to my weight watchers meeting, then for a walk at the Boardwalk. We'll stop by the grocery store on the way home and get some hamburger because Alan told us he is going to cook us dinner tomorrow! Meatloaf is on the Menu, which sounds good to me and hey, I don't even have to go in the kitchen. Sounds like a great deal! When we get back we have a corner of the garage to work on so we can work on getting both cars parked in there again.

I'm off to bed, stayed up later than I intended but with Taylor going to sleep so late and not hardly napping I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to get done. You should see our sparkling clean linen closet! G'night loved ones!

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