Thursday, 5 June 2008

Work, babies and reunions

Well, this week we have our first major test of my job. On Monday my supervisor told me that next Tuesday we have a mandatory staff meeting, that I would need to find a babysitter, and she could give me a number to a lady. Uhhhh, Thanks, but no thanks! I have no intention of leaving my 5 month old child with a stranger! There's only two people I know well enough here to trust with her and that's Drew (of course), and my neighbor Betty. Betty is going to be out of state next Tuesday and Drew has to work. When I was there yesterday, my supervisor wasn't so I went to the next supervisor and told her the situation. She didn't like the fact that I wouldn't be able to go to the meeting, but I can't bring Taylor and she said she wouldn't leave her baby with a stranger either so she went ahead and excused me.

If that wasn't bad enough, when I got home, Drew called and said he was going to have to work day shift on Friday. I called Betty to see if she would mind watching Taylor for me in the morning, but I felt really guilty about it because I know she is trying to get ready to leave. I called work to see if I could come a half an hour later so I could at least leave Taylor next door not quite so early and she said that was okay. I know that we are very short handed at work, so I feel terrible, but they also knew that my schedule was limited and dependent upon Drew's schedule, and they really wanted me to come work there anyway, for whatever I could give them. It gets me all stressed out though, and I don't like being stressed.

So anyway, we'll see what the feeling is when I go in tomorrow, as well as after the meeting Tuesday!

I also got an invitation to my 10 year reunion in the mail today. It's on October 4th of this year. I didn't think we were going to have one, but it looks like we are. I'd actually really like to go, but I would want Drew to go with me. Drew said he would like to be able to see some of his friends as well, and I'm sure everybody would be happy to see Taylor!! So, we were discussing possibly coming home from Mid-September to Mid-October. There's a lot of things to take into consideration of course. Whether or not I'm still working and if so, if I can take the time off. We'd have to bring both dogs with us, and either board the cat, or have somebody come take care of her every couple of days. Anyway.. just wanted to throw a feeler out there and see what everybody thought. Drew is going to talk to his boss and see if it is even a possibility on his end first.

Taylor is doing well. She seems to have slowed down on eating a little so that's given me a bit of a break. She's not been wanting to go to sleep at night though! She's been up until about 10pm for the past few nights. Yikes! She's not sleeping much more in the morning either! She's found a new "voice" that is really high pitched and definitely isn't a favorite of Mom and Dad! She squeals and screeches, especially when she's upset. Sometimes she just does it because she can. She also blows lots of bubbles all the time so she's constantly got dribble all over her. Good thing we have lots of bibs!

Alan (my brother) is coming next week to stay with us for a while. We're looking forward to having him with us. Taylor will enjoy hanging out with her uncle!

I'm off to give her some dinner and hopefully get her to bed. She's sounding tired, so maybe she'll go to bed before 10 tonight and I can get some things done around here!

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