Sunday, 1 June 2008

More Videos

Just wanted to share some more video. I do have more pictures too, but those take a little longer to get off the camera and process. Please disregard the disaster of a house, I really have been cleaning all day... promise! lol. Here is a video of Taylor cracking up with her Daddy.

Here she's "riding" Cossie Boy. He's such a good boy!

She pets Cossie too! Normally she laughs when she pets him, but the camera distracts her so she's not laughing here.

Some good news for the weekend... THE CAR IS RUNNING!!! YAY!!! Whatever was stuck in the clutch, came unstuck today and it's driving great. Needs a new starter of course, but so far that seems to be it. Drew drove it quite a while today to see if anything else popped up, but nothing so far. We'll keep a close eye on it for a while! That's all for this weekend, just been cleaning and Drew has been working on the car..... Taylor is getting cranky so I better go see if she needs to eat.

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