Thursday, 24 May 2007

Nurse Appointment

Tuesday was a long day! I've been having a sore jaw for about a week now, so I had an appointment at Family Practice at 8:30 to get it checked out. He said it was a muscle spasm, and gave me some tylenol and motrin. I let him know I was pregnant and he pulled out his little book, and said that these were okay, but maybe I should check with my OB-GYN just in case. Thanks, really! So picked up the meds but didn't take any. At this point it was after 9, and my nurse appointment at OB-GYN was not until 1:00. It was going to take an hour and a half to drive, home and back again, and I had a few errands to run, so I thought I would hang out on base and get them done.

I walked everywhere, to the BX, I walked to the parts store which was closed, then back to my car. Went to get gas, drove to Mildenhall to check the mail, pop in the BXtra, the parts store here, and get a sandwich at Subway (which apparently, I'm not longer allowed to eat cold deli meats! Go figure). I still had a while left, so I drove back to Lakenheath and read a magazine in the car for about 45 minutes.

I finally went upstairs to my appointment, which turned out to be a "group thing" with one other person anyway. We got a ton of information about do's and don'ts (by the way, Motrin, is a no-no Doc). A book about w0hat to expect at our appointments and a video, which I haven't had a chance to watch yet. I learned all I ever wanted to know about cystic fibrosis, and had to sign whether I wanted to get tested for it (blood test). They separated us to go over our medical history, which mine wasn't very significant. She assured me that the cramps I was having are normal, and that tight pulling I get real low when I sneeze or move to quickly in the wrong direction is round ligament pain, and also normal. She told me to go down to the lab and give some blood for some prenatal tests, so off I went.

Giving some blood was a slight understatement. I'm pretty sure she only left me with 4 red blood cells. Just kidding, but they took a lot. They took 9 full tubes of blood for just about everything you can think of, and then gave me 2 cups to pee in. Something funny happens here that I don't find out until later, but it went something like this: After being bled out, I picked up my purse, my 15 sheets of paper, 3 pamphlets, book, and DVD in one hand, she hands me my two pee cups and disinfecting wipes, and stickers to label the cups and I manage to hold them all in my other hand. At some point, which I don't recall, she handed me my ID. I'm not entirely sure where I was holding that, but apparently she had given it to me. I went straight into the bathroom to produce my samples and then gathered up all of my belongings and left. I got a phone call later to say that they had my ID, at the time I assumed I had forgotten to get it from vampire lady. Drew had to go pick it up for me since I couldn't get on base without my ID, and apparently it had been found, not only in the bathroom, but in the TOILET. Gross. I wonder how many people peed on it and tried to flush my poor flat self down the john before some kind soul reached in and pulled me out! Then I think, well how in the heck did I manage to toss my ID in the toilet and not notice it? I usually look before I flush! You never can be too safe when flushing a toilet.

So that was my excitement for Tuesday. Oh, and one of those Awwwwww moments. when I got home, I was again, tired (are you surprised?) and went upstairs to get a bit of reading done and take a nap. Drew has been having sympathy fatigue and came up to nap with me for a while and came upstairs carrying his "good daddy" pamphlets that I had brought home from the nurse. He read every single one of them and then we curled up and napped for a couple of hours. I was so proud of my hubby!

I've been waking up at 6 in the morning for no apparent reason, which to anybody who knows me, knows that is very uncharacteristic of Jen. So of course, when I go to work, at 11, by 4 or 5, I'm absolutely exhausted and just ready for a nap, but I still 2-3 more hours to get through before I can go home and crash. Even on days I don't work, by 4 or 5.. it's nap time. Maybe I'm jut a wimp, but this is tough work and I'm just getting started! I had a hard time eating yesterday, and all I really wanted was a bean burrito. Unfortunately in England, you can just run down to Maria's taco shop and get your self some frijoles and cheese in one of those piping hot authentic tortillas. Your options are fish and chips, or some kabobs. Typing those foods is making me queasy. I managed to eat rather healthily. Some yogurt, a couple peanut butter on celery sticks, an apple, cottage cheese and peaches and a cranberry/raspberry innocent smoothie (one good thing England does have.. Innocent Smoothies! Best stuff EVER, and GOOD for you too!). Drew was coming home early, so I asked him if he could PLEASE find me a bean burrito! He brought me one too! It wasn't the one I was thinking of in my mind, but it hit the spot. In the meantime, I put the pinto beans in some water to soak over night. I'll just have to make my OWN burritos (which I still have an appetite for). I had it all planned to get up in the morning, give them a cook, and have a burrito to take to work tomorrow, but of course.. we're completely out of my favorite spinach tortillas!! Or any tortillas for that matter. I wish I could make them like Grandma does! I don't have time this morning, but I'll try it when I get home tonight. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

So anyway, that's the story of my last couple of days. I work today, and then I'm off until Tuesday. Drew and I have the next 4 days to spend together! Yeah! Oh, and I'm booking our trip to Scotland July 6-9th! Jackie (one of the vets I work with, and friend), is going to come stay with Cossie while we are gone. I know he'll be in good hands. I don't trust my boy with just anybody! I'm looking forward to the trip. We're going to stay in Edinburgh, and go up to see Loch Ness (because you can't be in Scotland and miss a chance to see Nessie!). I'm excited, but Scotland, is PRICEY! At least we're driving, so we should only have to fill up on gas once, and we can pack a lot of our food and save money on eating out. I'll post soon! 3 weeks until our first ultrasound!!!

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