Thursday, 17 May 2007

Phone Calls

So tonight I'm going to call Dad and see if he got his package and have him open it! I'm hoping Leslie will be home too, but I know sometimes she doesn't get home until later. Drew is going to call his Mom and Dad this weekend, then it will all be out!!

I also received a phone call from Family Advocacy on base. They seem to have a really cool program that teaches you all sorts of things like nursing, bathing, swaddling, etc. They have a nurse to talk to, and it's all free! So I set up my first appointment for Monday morning at 10AM. I have a ton of questions, so it will be nice to have somebody to talk to before my doc appointment in June! Apparently they give away the book "What to Expect When Your Expecting", but I had already purchased it, oh well! She said not to buy the next in the series, because they give you that one also. Teehee.

I felt sick almost all day yesterday. I was off of food, the only thing I managed to eat was bread like substances. Toast, Digestive Biscuits, popcorn. I tried to eat a sandwich, but it made me want to hurl. Even when people were talking about food, I was getting queasy! The one thing I was craving yesterday was apples! I ate 4 apples yesterday, and still wanted more! I felt bad that I didn't eat my normal healthy stuff, and I ate so much starchy breads, but I figured eating something was better than nothing. I still haven't barfed yet, but sometimes I'd rather barf than be nauseous! I'm still a little off food today so far, but I ate some cream of wheat and toast for breakfast. Hopefully I'll be okay the rest of the day! I need to eat some veggies, but none of them sound very good. Even my normal juices don't seem appealing at all! Ugh!! Well I'm off to shower then to work. I'm working 4 days this week, then I'm off Sat-Tues, work Wed, and Thurs. Then off Friday - Monday again. Maybe I'll actually get to clean something around here!

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