Friday, 25 May 2007

And it Hits...

So yesterday morning I went to work, and was just feeling super sensitive. Everybody was talking and I just wanted to scream, all the noise was just making my ears ring and everywhere I went something smelled absolutely horrible! It was either cats, or a bird, or the garbage, or just the scent of something that made me want to gag. I was super thirsty, I like I could drink a gallon of water, but water tasted like chalk dust and I had to choke it down, even though I had this insatiable thirst! I felt like I could pass out, so I went out in the waiting room (nobody was in there) to sit down for a moment, and I just started crying!! For no good reason! Just started bawling my eyes out, so of course I tried to go hide somewhere so nobody would see me. It's hard to hide the puffy eyes and red nose so of course I got busted. I had stopped crying at that point but as soon as somebody asked me what was wrong, I could only answer, I don't know! and start bawling again. Everyone else had had a bad day too I guess, up until that point. Jackie and Kat had both cried during one of the two euthanasias they had to do before I got there. Things just weren't going well.

Nothing cures a bad day like a decaf skinny iced caramel macchiato (say that one 5 times fast) from Starbucks. Hit the spot, didn't taste like dirt, and brought a smile to my face. Relief!! I was hungry too, but nothing sounded good until Jackie and I went to the store to see what we could pick up for lunch. We settled for a bake at home pineapple and ham pizza. It was good. I ate 4 pieces (hey, it was a thin crust with light cheese). I managed to later eat some cottage cheese, and an apple. Then I couldn't stomach anything else until I got home. It was a late day, didn't get home until 8, and thankfully my beans were done for my bean burrito I wanted so badly, and my tortillas came out terrible!! Brian was over hangin' out with Drew, and he had some at home, so he brought them over, what a lifesaver! Let me tell you, I had two burritos and they totally hit the spot!!! YUM!

Well, I'm off for now. I need to run to the store and I HAVE to go to the gym today! I haven't gone in ages, and I'm already 2 pounds up! Gotta slow down that a little bit! I'm only suppose to gain 2-5 pounds in the first trimester, and I'm only just coming up to 8 weeks!

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Dianne said...

Jen, Love the blog. It is great to feel a part of your pregnancy even from many miles away. I have forwarded the blog address to Lois and Marnie also. You write very well, so keep it coming. Thanks, Love Dianne