Sunday, 16 September 2007

24 weeks

Can you believe theres only 3 weeks left in the 2nd Trimester?? YOWSA! It seems like this one is flying by, but the first one was soooo slow. So, I'm updating with my 24 week pics today. It was kind of depressing, I went to a PartyLite party last night and was discussing PCS dates with another girl there. I was explaining how our date had gotten pushed back to January, but I'm due in January so we had to apply to get our old date back and she said, "oh! I didn't even know you were pregnant!" I'm thinking gee, I really do look fat! Just when I was getting proud of my baby bump!

So here's the pics, I'm even wearing one of my new maternity tops from Dianne (that's Drew's mom), Thank You!

Well, we're cleaning and going through our stuff just waiting on our orders so we can schedule our housing pick up and everything else. Drew is off this week, so we're getting to hang out as well! Lots to do, and so little time it seems.

I'll update some more tomorrow after I see the OB!

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