Monday, 17 September 2007

OB appointment

Ok, I had my 24 week appointment today and all is well! I'm measuring a little bit big, but she said it's fine, that after the 1st trimester babies grow at different rates. As long as it stays within 3 inches of how many weeks I am, then it's considered normal (I measured 2" more). The baby was really active during the appointment and was kicking at the Doc when she was measuring and looking for a heartbeat (which was 150-160 bpms).

My blood pressure was good 106/70. The triple screen and my 1 hour glucose test came back normal. According to their records I've gained a total of 12 pounds, and she said that was good. I'm suppose to go back in 2 weeks for a final visit before we leave and to pick up my records to take to the next base. We covered things to do during travel to prevent problems, like drink lots of water and only water on the plane, get up and walk around as much as possible, don't cross my legs, etc. She seems to be very happy with my progress!

I also picked up some luggage with WHEELS today since I'll have to do some traveling on my own, the giant duffel bags I moved here with probably weren't going to cut it while I'm 6 months pregnant. I remember struggling with those bags then, and I wasn't pregnant! Drew's orders still haven't come in, but they should hopefully be here this week and we can start getting everything scheduled. He took Cossie down to the pet shipper today to get measured to verify what size crate they would need to build. Looks like a big one, but he had given us a quote for the larger size just in case so that's good.

I also got the scanner working and the ultrasound pics from Friday scanned, so here they are!

Top half of body

Close up of her little head
Up the nose, and the little mouth! Drew thinks she has his nose, but I think that's gonna be my chin!
Two tiny feet squished together. Will she have my giant big toes??
Hope all is well, and happy Monday!

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