Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Small Update

Well, things are looking up a bit this morning.

Mom sent me an e-mail from the FDA website stating that there is a fairly high false positive rate for the Toxoplasmosis tests for pregnant women.

I spoke with a lab technician who said that it's possible that I was exposed so long ago that my IgG level was not detected on the original test, and that re-exposure would boost my IgG level but would not cause any harm as I'd be immune from my initial exposure.

I also spoke with a nurse this morning who went over the results of my 22 week ultrasound. Everything looks normal. Everything is where it should be, the baby is attached up high towards the front of my uterus, she's measuring in the 85th percentile for weight, her length is good, my amniotic fluid is normal. Brain, heart, spine, kidneys, umbilical cord are all normal.

The doctor is suppose to call me back this afternoon to answer some more questions for me and also so I can see if I can get another serology run to rule out a false-positive, and also make sure my IgM is still negative.

I'm feeling a bit of relief, and hope it continues on to be good news from here on out. I'll update some more as soon as I get any new info!

Edit.. As soon as I finished writing this, the Doctor called me up. She said she's going to phone the lab in Texas as soon as they open, but she also thinks that it was a false positive result. She'll order more blood work, but in the meantime she'll still get my consult at Addenbrooks going so there is no delay, better to take all the precautions. She said she'd keep me posted with any information she finds out from the lab as well.

2nd Edit.. Wow! They are moving quick. Referrals just phoned as well and said I just need to come down and fill out some paperwork but that i have an appointment on Friday (the 14th) at 11:30am to go get my Level 2 ultrasound. So at least things are moving a long quickly and we don't have to wait too long for some answers.