Saturday, 22 September 2007

Do we have a name??

After lots of thought and going back and forth.. we've narrowed baby bean-ette down to TWO names! There's a lot of meaning and reason behind both names, and we STILL can't decide. We have more time of course but are anxious to call her something besides she, her, and bean!

So, we've settled on Ann for the middle name for sure, and the first name is going back and forth between Lyric and Lindsey. I think in the end we'll probably end up waiting until she makes her appearance and see which she looks more like. Maybe one will fit her better than the other. At least we're getting closer and agree on something, even if it's two things! For now, she'll just go by "L", or "Baby L"!

That said, Drew went to his Dad's 101 class yesterday and he learned all sorts of stuff! He changed his first diaper on a baby doll, and learned how to swaddle. He also learned about how to deal with his hormonal wife and that he isn't alone in the hormonal wife department! He seems to be more and more excited about being a Dad!

On the belly front, Baby L is quite abusive. She kicks and tumbles all day long. Drew can feel her moving regularly now and you can actually see my belly bounce and shake when she's really active. Sometimes it hurts! I'm pretty sure she was using my spinal cord as monkey bars the other day, and whenever she would kick my left leg would reflex.

We're still waiting on a hard copy of orders. It's getting pretty frustrating since we're just waiting around and trying to clean and organize as much as possible. I'm going into work on Wednesday as a locum for the day, just when I thought I was done! At least I'll get an extra days worth of pay, it certainly is welcome! I can't remember if I mentioned this previously, but we got pre-approved on our home loan! We're all set for when we get to LA. We've been looking at houses through the realtor's website and writing down the ones that interest us, so it should just be a matter of finding one that suits us once we get there and getting the paperwork done! Scary and exciting all at the same time!

That's all for now! I hope you are all having a great weekend!

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