Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Alright, I'm back from our ultrasound, boy was it eventful! I'll start off from the beginning and get to the good stuff!

I woke up this morning at 7:30, I wanted to sleep in so bad and I just couldn't do it! I started drinking water right away, big mistake! I must have gone pee 5 times before 1PM, but I knew if I was already exploding there was no way I was going to make it until 2! I drank my last glass of water, and a glass of OJ at about 1:10 and we headed out the door. We got to the hospital around 1:45, and checked in. I was doing the "potty dance" in the waiting room, they FINALLY called us in around 2:15.

I got situated on the table and he started scanning, I was watching everything, looking at what he was typing and trying to see if I could tell whether it was a boy or a girl, or waiting for some inkling of a hint! I must have been so anxious about seeing SOMETHING that I forgot to breathe and all of a sudden I started to faint. I could feel myself start to go and told the Ultrasound tech that I thought I was going to pass out, he quickly put a fan on me and had Drew put a damp cool rag on my head and to breathe deep. I was trying to look at Drew but he was getting blurry, and fading to this weird orange color. The lights WERE dim in the room, so I'm sure that accounted for some of the orange color, but it was still weird. Finally after about 5 minutes I started to come back around, but let me tell you, WAS I EVER EMBARRASSED! I thought to myself if I can't handle an ultrasound, how the heck am I going to handle birth!?

So he continues on with the ultrasound measuring everything, checking brain, heart, kidneys, limbs, umbilical cord, everything is checking out fantastic. The heart rate is 130 beats per minute. He finally tells me I can go relieve myself (oh thank the heavens above!), and while I'm in there to do a headstand or cartwheels because if we were going to see any of the "goods" the baby needed to be flipped around. So I went and did as I was told and came back and was poking around trying to get the little tyke to move. He put the probe on my belly again and it hadn't moved an inch! It was awake though, and was starting to kick around so he started pressing with the probe and finally a little roll, just enough to see what we were looking for.

The tech said he would flip through the screen colors and land on the color of the sex of the baby, but apparently he passed it a couple times and then he stopped...

PINK!!!!!! It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!

He then made us laugh by saying see, there is the tell-tale "hamburger", lol. Can't say I've ever heard it called a hamburger before, but it made sense and Drew and I busted up laughing. I was so excited because I've had a feeling this whole time it was a girl, and while I would have been happy either way, I think it would have been a blow to my gut instinct had I been wrong.

Drew is also excited, he said he wanted a boy at first, but as time has gone on, he's wanted a girl more and more. We both still want a boy eventually, but for now we're extremely happy!

We only got two pictures today, so here they are.. doesn't she have a perfect little head???

She's measuring a week ahead right now, and weighs approximately 1 lb and 5 oz and doing fantastic!

So now it's back to the waiting game, but things should move along quickly now. First thing is to get back to the states and see everybody!! We sure miss you all and can't wait to see you!

Love to you all!

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Amora said...


I've been following your baby blog for several months now (found it from SCS), although I've never left a comment.

We're leaving for vacation soon, and I thought I was going to miss the announcement of the gender. So glad I get to know! I'm so happy for you...a little hamburglar! *LOL* That's the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Congrats, congrats, congrats!