Monday, 10 September 2007

Stressful Weekend / Day

Well, I had to work all weekend, which wasn't too bad, but it was REALLY busy. It sure didn't slow down from the week that we had. I meant to post last night, but was too tired!

I've been on cloud 9 since we found out that we're having a girl. I just can't believe it! I already loved this little baby, but just being able to put a sex to her multiplied that feeling by a million! I have so many questions running through my head about what she'll look like, who's mannerisms will she pick up, will she be a musician like Mom? or a be a fabulous test taker like Dad? Both?

She's been kicking at me like crazy, and getting stronger every day. I even jumped and said ow! with a kick the other night... I love it!

So.. on to today.....

About two weeks ago, we had a cat come in to work for an appointment with diarrhea. Ian (my boss) came in and handed me the cat so he could grab a fecal sample. I took the cat back to the owner and then washed up like I always do after cat handling. Ian was looking at the sample and hadn't seen what he was looking at before, so I took a peek and hadn't seen it before either. After some research the protozoa we had seen looked strikingly like a form of Toxoplasmosis, though it usually isn't seen in stool. I hadn't thought to wash my hands after adjusting the microscope since I didn't actually handle the sample, but after seeing what it could possibly be it dawned on me that Ian had handled the sample and then the microscope, which I then touched. I disinfected and washed immediately along with all the surrounding areas that the cat had been in contact with.

I called my OB-GYN and they suggested I come down for another Toxoplasmosis test just to be sure. I'd do one now, and one in 4 weeks. So I had the test done, and today the nurse called me back. One part of the test had come back positive, though the results were odd.

There are two parts to a Toxo test. One is the IgG level, which tells whether or not you have been exposed and the other is the IgM level which tells how long ago you were exposed. My IgG level was positive, but my IgM level was negative. The only reason for a negative IgM test would be if I was exposed 6 or more months ago. The catch is that BOTH tests that were run at 10 weeks were negative. It's possible that the test is a false positive, but in the meantime they are going to refer me to the high risk OB at Addenbrooks in Cambridge for a higher level ultrasound to check for any markers relating to toxo exposure, and possibly an amniocentesis, though I'd like to avoid that if possible.

The good news is, that if I was exposed it would have likely been between 10 and 20 weeks, in which the chances of it transmitting to the baby are about 15%. Also, because of the strange results, it's very possible it was a false positive. Also, if I was exposed, it probably wasn't from the cat that I had handled a couple of weeks ago. Work has paid for fecal exams and Toxo screening on the cat, and so far the fecal has come back negative. The toxo screen is still pending.

I'm trying to keep positive and not worry. It's difficult and I'm feeling very guilty at the moment. I've done the best as I can with being hygienic at work. I avoid anesthesia, x-rays, I glove up when handling medicines, and I wash with antibacterial soap numerous times a day, but I could have done more. It's also hard because it's my job, and if you take out animals and things they excrete, there's nothing left for me to do but throw in a load of laundry every half hour, vacuum and mop twice a day. Thankfully I only work half a day tomorrow, and Thursday, and then I'm done even being in the position.

I'll keep everybody posted as I find out more. Up until now, everything has looked and gone fantastic, and there's not a reason to worry until I get some definitive answers.

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