Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Happy Day before Valentine's Day!

I'm awake and have a little break, but I wanted to give an update and post some pictures while I could!

I'm still sick, I have a nasty productive cough, headache and sinus congestion, but my muscles aren't aching like they were and I don't have chills anymore (so it seems). Unfortunately Taylor came down with a fever today, along with some sneezes and coughs. I called the doc and I'll take her in tomorrow unless her fever gets above 100.4, then I'm to take her to emergency. Otherwise she's not acting sick. She's been quite "talkative" today and not fussy at all even. She's still eating well, and giving us the right amount of dirty diapers, and has been getting good sleep. Oh!! She slept for 4 hours straight in her bassinet last night!! Of course, part of it might be because she isn't feeling so great, but we'll think positive and say it's because she's getting used to it. :)

No big plans for tomorrow besides taking Taylor to the doc. I'm going to get up and cook Drew a big breakfast, I even got his favorite.. strawberry syrup for on top of his waffle. Nothing like the sugary artificial strawberry flavor to start off your day, lol. He likes it though, so that's what matters.

And now, some pics for you :)

In my new heart outfit :)

These photos are actually a few weeks old. I was working on them for a project I had in mind so I didn't want to share them just yet, but it's not quite working out like I had hoped, so I'm sharing them now. Sorry for holding them back for so long!

I'm off to try and get more rest. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day if I don't talk to you tomorrow!


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Betty said...

Wow! You got a fantastic picture of Taylor for Valentine, I bet you took the picture Am I right?...
She look so irresisteble inthe photo very cute.