Thursday, 14 February 2008

I really dislike the base ped. clinic.

Well, we went to Taylor's appointment today at 11. First the nurse called us back (same one from last time) had me put her on the scale, she weighed 10lbs 1oz with clothes and diaper on. She took her temperature, but she took it under her arm and I'm pretty sure she didn't even have it in the pit! Taylor still felt hot to me, but the thermometer only read 96.5? She got a history, then sent us back to the waiting room until an exam room opened up. 45 minutes later she called us back and once again, ran off before we could gather our things and had to chase her down the hall to follow where she was going.

The doctor came in and got the history again. She said it was a good thing we took her to the ER last night with her fever. She looked her over and said everything else looks good for now, but they worry about complications from the flu (i.e. ear infections and pneumonia) more than the flue itself and theres really nothing we can do about it but give her tylenol for the fever and some saline nose spray to loosen up her stuffy sinuses so I can suck it out with the bulb syringe better.

She then essentially told me I was bad mother for not getting my flu shot and getting my baby sick. I wanted to deck her.

Anyway, she wants to see her again tomorrow and make sure she still looks/sounds good. I have to call first thing in the morning and schedule an appointment, so hopefully they can get me in.


Betty said...

First I am so sorry to hear the Taylor have the FLU, God Bless her.
second, you are not the only one who hates that clinic, Who is her Ped? For Delany is Dr. Sanders and always we wait around 30 to 1 hour for her. Don't feel bad because you didn't get the shot, they idn't have it for the dependns until early this year and they don't even make public. Delany got at the begining of fall just because has athsma. But The last couple year I had had the flu because they don't have shot for depends on time.
Hope today will be a better day for you and taylor, take care and take care of her. Delany keep running fever even with the stronger antibiotic. Hope gets better by tomorrow.

Amora said...

Wow, is the base clinic your only option for Taylor's care? That doctor sounds AWFUL! Weren't you still PREGNANT when they were giving flu shots? That was in like October. Wouldn't it have been worse for you to get sick while pregnant? Many people get sick from the flu shot. Grrrr.

I hope Taylor (and you!) feel better soon. Being sick is no fun.

BTW, I saw the pictures...she's ADORABLE. I love the Happy Valentine's Day picture, and the new heart outfit. You're so lucky you had a much you can do to dress them up and have fun! I keep trying to dress up my beagle. She won't smile. I think she hates it. :D