Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Taylor has the flu

Well it's 12:30AM and we just got home from the E.R. Her fever went up to 100.4, so I thought I'd better take her in just to make sure she was alright. Once there they took her temp again and it was 101.1 so I'm glad we went. They took some swabs to check for flu, and some blood to check for infection. The flu check came back positive. They said she's pretty young for the flu but not much they can do for it. Just treat the fever if it stays up with baby Tylenol. By the time we left her temp was back down to 99.7 so hopefully it wont go up again. We'll follow up with the pediatrician on base tomorrow, but she's hangin' in there for now. Sleeping quietly. She really did great for all the poking and prodding they did! I'll let you know what the pediatrician says tomorrow.

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